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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

dramatic day

hi friends.

well i duno how to start this post.

i din want to blog until my cmapus election is over.

but i guess i have no choice but to blog at this very moment.

a lot of things happened today. and you know, im having FUN! yes im tired but im not stress like yesterday.

it is such a DRAMATIC day. n i feel HOT n SEXY. woohoo!

i had a PC. Press conference!! ahaha.

today is the second day of campaigning.

and u know what?

we might get disqualified.


yes why...

im not gona tell you why now until we get the confirmation from the Election Secretariat tomorrow.

but EMPOWER is ready. we are fine if we are disqualified. it's ok.

we still stick to our principles

God bless us.

We in or out, we'll still continue with our fight, our mission, vision n manifesto.

EMPOWER is not gona lingkup.

Day 1 of campaigning

Yes, as you people know im running for the campus election in my university.

3 days of campaingning n i can tell you it's NOT easy.

Today is just the first day. We have to introduce ourselves and our team.

2 more days to go before we can relax a bit and leave it to the voters to choose their leaders.

But of course i hope they can choose the 5 of us from Empower. =p

This article is from J-On, a news portal by Journalism students from UTAR Kampar. Read it because seriously it is nice, as if it's written by some political analyst.