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Monday, 31 May 2010

first day of uni

wake up wake up!


it's the first day of school.

not primary or secondary school la.

it's the undergraduate school.

university la.


today will be the first day of my Year 2 Semester 2 in UTAR Kampar.

my class at 2pm but im awake now.


woah! semangat gila babi nak p lecture.

it's so damn hot here that's why i terbangun myself.

my flu is betting better.

but my stomach is still not ok. i still smelled petai in my mouth. stomach is still fulled of 2plates of rice and a plate of petai! smelly but sexy. ahhh... i love petai.

wa ka lu kong hor im so excited right now.


ok i wana go get newspaper then sleep again.

have a nice day people!

don't forget to shit!

Kata-kata Hikmat

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