My Birthday

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Friday, 13 August 2010

I AM "......................."

I AM...

so chikek, adventurous, crazy, holiao, spontaneous, random n sampat!

hohoho! bellysiok oi siok syiok syiot! =p


im feeling so gay, so high, so hyper, so drunk, so syiok, so sexy, so happy, so excited right now.

wana noe why??

nyeh nyeh nyeh...

Mahasiswa and Politics, Yes and No?

just wana share something thatt i wrote.


I know my biggest FAILURE in my life: not being PUNCTUAL!!!

How good is your work also no use if you are late!

How good looking you are also no use if you are late!

How good is your personality also no use if you are late!


Khachui! Kanasai! Shit! Taik cirit ah! Sai looo…

DAMN you stomach!

Grrhhh! Why everytime im in a rush and emergency, you cari pasai huh??

I cirit the whole morning and I feel asleep eventhough I woke up early to submit my Special Reporting assignment. I have to submit my assignment by 12pm. and guess what time I woke up. 1pm man! 1pm.

This is so oh my God la. grrhhhh! I was so blur and nervous. I rushed to printing shop to print. And it was raining.

So yea I was late to submit my assignment. Hmmm.. Miss Tan wana deduct 20%. Oklo.. I didn’t say no cuz it’s my fault. I should bear the responsibility and no one to be blame. She’s just being fair to everyone.

Lesson: don’t fall asleep after u wake up.

QUOTE of the day

To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.

~ Unknown

got ghost ah??

yes i believe in the existence of ghosts.

i also believe that ghosts can be more powerful than our faith, our religion.

there's a simple Chinese saying, "you don't disturb them, they don't disturb u la."

friends, don't freak urself out n this hungry ghost month la. dun go n tink about it la. u tot the ghosts so free got nothing else to do wana come n kacau u meh?? just do ur work. clean ur mind n heart. pray. everything will b fine..

The journey of life won't be always smooth. There are ups and downs. It's ur karma. It's ur destiny. It's how you respond to your surrounding.

Unlucky incidents are not because of the unseen brothers.

Have faith.

Just a reminder la. if you believe in this festival, then behave yourself. Don't talk big, don't simply shout, don't simply pee, don't go to dark places, don't step on praying items etc etc la.

be smart la people.

don't think too much k. =p

*argghh! stomachache again! kenot tahan la. gnite ppl. tata.

Happy Birthday Nixon Lai Chia Huey

Me, Dexter and Nixon: the 3 Gays from the club. =p

Today is my good friend’s bday n her name is Nixon Lai. Yes it’s she. From this moment onwards he is a she. She is a she. So I would like to wish her Pondan Nixon Lai Chia Huey hapy no-birdday. Tunggu abang balik den kita p POTONG ye. All the best in ur life. =p

Halo amacam?? A post specially for u leh? Berapa u mau bayar huh?? Hahahah.

Selamat berhappy birthday. Selamat hari lahir. Selamat hungry ghost. Selamat ber-Ramadhan.