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Saturday, 6 November 2010

eh, harder!!

eh, eh!!



YES you can do it!

just push harder.

YES you can do it!

just work harder.

and u'll get good results!

go go go!


3.33 and Dean's List!

i shaved my beard


It's a sad thing on a merry day.

You can guess what i did from the post title itself.

Hair on the jaw has been chopped!

i shaved my little cute beard on Deepavali night.

No more beard after years of keeping, preserving and conserving it.

It's like my crown ok.


although it's not thick, but i didn't want to shave it because halo it's sentimental la. what if i shave already then cannot grow again??

eh i tell you it takes years to grow one ok.

but friends and people around me ALWAYS curious and irritated by it. they ask me to shave. hmmph! i noe la u people no bulu like me. hahaha!

now, no more beard, no more mustache. 

"Dengan segala dukacitanya, dimaklumkan bahawa pada malam Deepavali yang sunyi ini, Oh Chin Eng telah memotong janggut kesayangannya yang telah dibela sejak akil baligh disebabkan oleh tekanan, kejelesan dan permintaan daripada orang ramai."