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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

going into critical phase

U might wonder how in the world I can still blog although I claimed that im super sick. Well.. I invite you here to look at my condition.


I’m lying on the chair while im typing this. Im strengthless. Betul-betul tak larat. I just wana record down every single thing that happened. My sickness has step into another phase-serious and complicated one.

It all started last night 11 August 2009. I was fine when I woke up at 5.30am yesterday. I finished the medicine (panadol) from Kampar hospital the night before, 10 August 2009. I was so happy because my fever has cool down. No more headache n cough except for flu. I felt so fresh n energetic. I even went out early morning to take pictures of sunrise.

In the afternoon I went to hospital asking for H1N1 screening or saringan H1N1. I wana do bloodtest also. I said im still having fever since last Saturday although I’ve taken medicine. But the damn doctors and nurses said too many people, no time to check me. I must wait very long. They also said they’ll also do the screening on those who got contact with H1N1 patients. Wat the! The H1N1 counter is empty, no medical personnels. Fine! So I didn’t test my blood or do H1N1 screening lo.

7pm plus I took a nap. Since then I couldn’t wake up. I tried my best to wake up but I just couldn’t. I could feel that my temperature rise dramatically. At the end I woke up at 11pm plus when Saravani sms me. My body felt so pain as if someone just punched me. I struggled to walk to the toilet to wash my face. Hell my face was so pale, greenish. I felt like puking so badly. I was hungry but I was too sick to go out n get food.

So I slept again until jz now 7.30am. my condition is till da same.

- Dizzy
- Headache
- High fever
- Severe backache
- Feel like puking
- Stomach ache
- Strengthless
- Cough
- Body aching
- Hard to breathe
- Chest pain

I can’t turn my neck neither. I can’t walk properly. I walk hump-backed like apek tua.

So I went to the temple early in the morning. I prayed. I prayed realli hard. I was alone in the temple. No one was there. i was really worried that I got H1N1. I dun wana die yet. I haven’t achieve what I want to achieve. There r too many tings I wanted to do.

Saravani came around 9.45am. she gave me panadol n antibiotics. So nice of her. then she went to sch. We have class at 10am actually. I was getting ready to go. I sms my fren to fetch me bt she didn’t reply. I tak larat la nak cycle.

I’m suffering. I feel so miserable. I’m so ‘khang khor’ la. Something scary happened. I make this strange sound ‘hooo huuuuuu hooooo huuuu hoooo’. U noe.. like how ghost sounds. Then my mind went wild. I imagined the guardians of hell came. They stood in front of me. wat the. I got freak out. I quickly think of something else. In chinese belief, if someone is very ill and he saw these images, means his time is gona end.

10.45am I received her call. Seriously, I was so happy and overjoyed to listen to her voice. At least, ubat sikit sakit i. she asked me to go to hospital. I know I have H1n1 symptoms but GH ppl don’t wana do anyting on me. she beg me to go n c doctor. I said ok. She still cares for me. =p

I just took medicine. If by afternoon, im not getting any better, I’ll ask my uni Department of Students Affair to send me to the hosp. if they declined, I’ll make sure UTAR’s image #$%^&*.

I don’t have much time. I skipped a lot of classes already. And this Friday is the due date for my two assignments.

God, aku nak sembuh. Tq.