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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

quote of the day

Yes I may failed to achieve it but I tried. I am better than you who never try anything at all.


I am not an artistic photographer. I am just a realistic documenter. You may not like what I snap. But it is all the truth. My photos tell stories. 

Happy Deepavali. Selamat Hari Deepavali. Deepavali Nalvazhthukkal

Oh Chin Eng aka OCE would like to wish everyone especially his Hindu friends Happy Deepavali. Everyone should go and pay visit to our Indian friends and experience the harmony living in Malaysia.

Let this festival of light lighten up and open up our hearts to humanity, humility, modesty, respect and acceptance towards each other.

Let's celebrate it altogether in peace, joy and harmony.

I wish that today will be a day without extremism, racism, bigotry, biasness and discrimination.

Happy Deepavali to all my friends. May your Deepavali this year be a very good one.

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I am a Chinese, a Malaysian Chinese but I have been celebrating Deepavali since primary school, as far as I can remember.

I celebrate Hari Raya and Christmas as well. It’s part of me. By celebrating all these festivals, it does not make me any less Chinese or I’m trying to embrace other religion. This perception is totally wrong.

Actually I am sad that I can’t visit my friends in Penang this year.

I wish I am in Penang right now. But I am stuck here in Kampar. I need to finish up my Final Year Project before I can submit it next Monday. I am sorry to my Indian friends in Penang.

I wanted to go to my classmate’s house in Kuala Kangsar but it’s just too far la. Maybe next time ok Saravani? =p

This is the price you have to pay to produce a good work. This is also the responsibilities you have to bear to graduate. Some friends have gone back hometown and put aside their FYP but I better don’t do that.

I am feeling bored right nw. where to go? I don’t have class from today, Wednesday, 26/10/2011 until this Sunday.

Mana boleh deepavali tak pergi rumah kawan, tak makan muruku, tak pakai baju India. Ayooo, I cannot oo. I am not gona stuck in my hostel!

Come on OCE!

OCE is good at making the best out of what he has la! OCE can adapt easily to the environment and society! OCE can survive anywhere he goes! OCE can OCE is good at exploring. OCE is multi-talented!


Alright I’m going to kaypo now.

If anyone of u in Kampar going anywhere to celebrate Deepavali, let me know ok. I don’t mind to follow. =p

Happy Deepavali. Selamat Hari Deepavali. Deepavali Nalvazhthukkal.