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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

1 hour shower



1 hour hot shower in the early morning is so sexy..

hahahaha =p

i feel so syiok just came out from the bathroom.

i went in at 5.30am and came out around 6.30am.

yea i must be crazy i bathed for 1 hour.

i just couldn't resist the syiokness of hot shower. i kept on pouring myself with hot water because it's cold la.

some more, i feel like i didn't bath for so long already, so ganti balik la.

sometimes i'll sleep in the toilet too. hehe.

how? let me give you some tips. you can either sit or squat or lie on the wall.

see how easy is that.


i feel so energetic and refreshing right now.

semangat nak buat banyak manyak benda hari ini!

come on assignments! i'll deal with you today before Jing Wen deal with me.

and now, i wana go to Old Town for a nice roti bakar. UTAR-ians Kampar-ians, this roti bakar shop will soon, very soon in these few weeks be demolished. Go and have a taste of the traditional roti bakar before it's gone.