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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

just for laugh

The ghosts are hungry. I also hungry ma. But they can eat for free anytime anywhere and unlimited. We have to pay. Where is social justice man! Takkan u want me to be like them meh.. Later people cannot see me how??

me in my first suit

I seldom syiok sendiri.
I seldom take pictures of myself.
I seldom pose for photos.
I seldom let people take photos of me alone.
I seldom do all that.

And that is a fact.

But okla exception for this time since i look SMART! ok no, that's not the main reason. The main reason is because this is the first time im wearing a suit which really suits me and it is my first suit.

PROUD lah. =p

YOU are quoted

"Eh not bad huh, u mata kecik also got double eyelid."

~ Mirawani Soyza
~ 10/8/2010
~ during Journalism 2 Tutorial

* ish diskriminasi betul budak ni! mata kecik tak boleh ada eyelid ah huh??!! nanti aku CUCUK mata hang. =p

how nice if..

how nice if..

every night before i sleep, i can massage you, give you a hug, look deep inside into your eyes, and wish you good night..


i merepek je la.

ok good morning. let's go to school! or uni. =p

Happy Chinese Hungry Ghosts Festival

Ok the Chinese Hell’s Gate is officially open now. it's the month of Hungry Ghost Festival. say hie to the unseen brothers. =p