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Friday, 9 April 2010

lessons of the day

Ok How to start..

Hmm.. if you know me personally, you’ll know that I love to observe people then analyse their behaviour and personality. I just love doing it. It’s me.

While I was having my lunch just now, I saw a friend of mine. You can always see her smiling, never once she shows her angry or grumpy face. You’ll feel stress free whenever you look at her.

Then suddenly all sort of thoughts came attacking.

Then I realised something. I learnt something. Her personality has got me affected. And I got my lessons today, unintentionally, just by observation, and conversations we had all this while.

1.       Even if you don’t like someone, don’t talk bad about that person.

2.       Don’t prejudice or don’t like someone just because that person is a friend to someone that you don’t like.

3.       Always lend your hand whenever you can even sometimes you know people might be using you.

4.       Always think positive, stay positive and everything will be positive.

5.       Always be patience, stay calm and control your anger.

6.       Always watch your words, your actions and your thoughts.

7.       Always carve a smile and cheer people up even at that time you are down.

8.       Always stick to your promise especially when you said you want to buy someone dinner.

9.       Always remember and thank God and be with God no matter what.

Thanks my friend, A.W.

Sibu MP dies, another by-election?

For more, go to

rush rush rush

oh no oh no oh no!

i have clas at 12.30pm?!!

but i am still super SLEEPY!! stomach still super PAIN.

grrrhh. ish ish ish.

okok i wont ponteng. i terponteng one class already this morning from 8am-11am. i woke up at 9.45am just now. hhehe. i slept at 6am ma last nite.

n i had a lot of weird dreams. i dreamt of my friends sms me asking me why i didn't go to class, i dreamt of my friend sms me asking to participate in a program but when i check my hp, apa pun tarak.

aduih.. gtg. im rushing to send some pics to Navin tehn off to uni.

a night with the STARS

wooohooo! let's see what's the time now..


what the heck people!!

ahahah it's morning!

and i just reached home.


i had a great night!! a really great one!!

I went to Jalan Mati. yes if you translate it into English, it means Dead Road.

It's not because people died there or you'll die if you go there but it's because that's the end of the road.

So, there's this one crazy girl, not as crazy as me, went there with me.

=p hehehehe...

fuh... best giler!!

Have you ever covered your vision with stars?

i slept with the STARS n FIREFLIES.

you don't have to look up, the sky and the stars is just in front of u.

I tell you It's so teruja n mengghairahkan.

ok i smell totally busuk because i was crazyly taking photos but SYIOK!


ok time to pom pom. =p