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Friday, 9 April 2010

a night with the STARS

wooohooo! let's see what's the time now..


what the heck people!!

ahahah it's morning!

and i just reached home.


i had a great night!! a really great one!!

I went to Jalan Mati. yes if you translate it into English, it means Dead Road.

It's not because people died there or you'll die if you go there but it's because that's the end of the road.

So, there's this one crazy girl, not as crazy as me, went there with me.

=p hehehehe...

fuh... best giler!!

Have you ever covered your vision with stars?

i slept with the STARS n FIREFLIES.

you don't have to look up, the sky and the stars is just in front of u.

I tell you It's so teruja n mengghairahkan.

ok i smell totally busuk because i was crazyly taking photos but SYIOK!


ok time to pom pom. =p

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