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Friday, 9 April 2010

rush rush rush

oh no oh no oh no!

i have clas at 12.30pm?!!

but i am still super SLEEPY!! stomach still super PAIN.

grrrhh. ish ish ish.

okok i wont ponteng. i terponteng one class already this morning from 8am-11am. i woke up at 9.45am just now. hhehe. i slept at 6am ma last nite.

n i had a lot of weird dreams. i dreamt of my friends sms me asking me why i didn't go to class, i dreamt of my friend sms me asking to participate in a program but when i check my hp, apa pun tarak.

aduih.. gtg. im rushing to send some pics to Navin tehn off to uni.

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