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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

cute amma

photo taken in KL 13/3/2010.

amma lu belly the cutie la.

YOU are quoted

"Being happy with what we have achieved is important, accomplishments are as important. But being thankful and grateful is the key to stay happy. Because if we constantly want more, we would never be happy. As in life, we don't win everything. Sometimes we loose, fall, crawl and stand up, complain, learn from the lesson and thank God that we survived the challenge.

It is OK to endure or go through challenges, because those who never go through them don't grow up."

~ Lisa Wong

i love my country, Malaysia

Video of Lee Chong Wei Winning All-England 2010

Pantun (Keamanan)

Susah senang sama dirasa
Pahit manis ditelan bersama
Baik buruk sifat manusia
Bermaaf-maafan aman sentosa

PUKE again

ooo just now cirit.

now?? PUKE!!

manyak bagui la i tell u.

today all my posts will be on bad things because majority bad things happened.

so after cirit what happen? MUNTAH lo.

grrrhhh... it's happening again.

it must because i didn't have enough sleep. and i musn't take kopi O kao-kow early morning. then i didn't eat well. then i rush here and there gasping for air.

see.. that's the reason Rachael. next time i wana tell people i wana go Muntah, not only Berak.

anyway, seriously im feeling so unwell. body temperature getting high. a bit dizzy. if can, i wana take the bamboo in UTAR and jolok into my throat then sekaligus throw out everything.

aih.. i need porridge la.. anyone knows how to cook? i tak larat nak masak la although i know my porridge is really delicious.

CIRIT again

yea i CIRIT again. cirit la. nvmla i wana say im cirit. it's my blog wat.

yea i BERAK already. berak la. nvmla i wana say i berak. it's my blog wat.

anyway... hehe. Rachael said that i always cirit lausai then i'll just say in my blog.

hahaha. true true. nvm la. it's my blog wat.

n im so SAKIT PERUT NOW!! constipated so many times this morning. tak larat la.. i benci ah always stomahache. smtg is wrong with my stomach!

feel like sleeping now but got class at 2pm.

if i don't go, Budak KL n Budak Kuala Kangsar is gona shoot me. haha.

takpe la orang KL n orang Kuala Kangsar kan baik, chomel, sweet (referring to Mira n Sara). =p

QUOTE of the day

"When we imagine that rape is about sex, we forget that sex can be a beautiful, pleasurable, transcendent experience. Rape, on the other hand, can never be anything but a crime."

~ Chloe Angyal

*beautifully said.

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