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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

CIRIT again

yea i CIRIT again. cirit la. nvmla i wana say im cirit. it's my blog wat.

yea i BERAK already. berak la. nvmla i wana say i berak. it's my blog wat.

anyway... hehe. Rachael said that i always cirit lausai then i'll just say in my blog.

hahaha. true true. nvm la. it's my blog wat.

n im so SAKIT PERUT NOW!! constipated so many times this morning. tak larat la.. i benci ah always stomahache. smtg is wrong with my stomach!

feel like sleeping now but got class at 2pm.

if i don't go, Budak KL n Budak Kuala Kangsar is gona shoot me. haha.

takpe la orang KL n orang Kuala Kangsar kan baik, chomel, sweet (referring to Mira n Sara). =p

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