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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

PUKE again

ooo just now cirit.

now?? PUKE!!

manyak bagui la i tell u.

today all my posts will be on bad things because majority bad things happened.

so after cirit what happen? MUNTAH lo.

grrrhhh... it's happening again.

it must because i didn't have enough sleep. and i musn't take kopi O kao-kow early morning. then i didn't eat well. then i rush here and there gasping for air.

see.. that's the reason Rachael. next time i wana tell people i wana go Muntah, not only Berak.

anyway, seriously im feeling so unwell. body temperature getting high. a bit dizzy. if can, i wana take the bamboo in UTAR and jolok into my throat then sekaligus throw out everything.

aih.. i need porridge la.. anyone knows how to cook? i tak larat nak masak la although i know my porridge is really delicious.

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