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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

bacha booku

woohooo im facing the book now and not facebooking.


im proud of myself leh.. im so rajin tonite! really! just for tonite la..

baca buku buku baca buku baca buku.

buku baca baca.

baca baca buku.


anyway Vivien n Sara are here. they might be sleeping over tonite. =p

Nice to have them here la, at leats i wont be so boring.

They are here means i cant slepp b4 i finish studying!

and the room will be so noisy with Vivien's blur case!


*i don't like BEC!

YOU are quoted

"Give up what you want now, for what you want most in the future."

~ Andrea Ong
~ 4/5/2010
~ via Facebook

raining in the heart

Raining in the heart?? wow..

Seriously it is raining heavily right now in Kampar. Im lucky that it rained just after i reached my housing area around 5.20pm.

my heart is tearing like the rain. i shoudn't have look at it. i've been so disciplined for the past few months but not today.

heart be-ro-ken..

my hand so gatai n clicked on her page and..

i saw something that really put me down.

im SPEECHLESS! unexpectable. WHY?! why??!

i thought i've moved on entirely..

aih.. i give up la. seriously. i'll do my best not to think about it or her ANYMORE.

No second chance in everything we do.

When you missed it, means you gona lost it forever.

it's all over.. not my exam.. but our story.. or maybe i should say my story.

When you get the love that u r looking for, it's a reality. When you don't get it, it's just a fantasy.

ok dah dah dah. jangan fikir dah. jangan cakap dah. jangan buang masa dah. p unload beg u den blajak! x payah nak kemas bilik dah cuz it's so clean ever since the 'spring cleaning' last week.

education yang important. kalau dah berjaya, apa nk buat nanti pun boleh. kan kan?

By the way, thanks to a girl from UTAR that i met. She took the same bus from Penang. My hp run out of credit. So i had to walk for some distance to get the cab. Lucky me cuz she called the cab n we shared the taxi home. I saved RM3.

Oh! i studied BEC in the bus. =p

QUOTE of the day

"Suara rakyat, suara keramat, bebaskan media, Malaysia selamat."

~ 4/5/2010
~ Launching of Speaker's Square at Esplanade, Penang
~ YB Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang