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Friday, 30 April 2010

off to Thailand


I am..

I am loyal and sentimental. It’s not a so good thing after all. If I syiok, berkenan, fall in love into someone or something, it’s hard for me to change my love for it. It’s hard, it’s nearly impossible to reject it and forget about that person and that something.

You are always on my mind..

i am a cow (part 1)

Hi ladies and gentlemen. Let me introduce myself. I.. Am.. A.. Cow! A big sexy cow. Im from a well known village called Kampung Buah Pala.

I speak beroken Inggerish! My Bahasa Melayu boleh tahan la. My Inggerish also ok ok la.. You understand what i speaking? Lu chai em cai?

QUOTE of the day

An action can change the whole perception of people towards you. So think before you say, think before you do. Don't let your doings kill yourself.

PERIBAHASA of the day

Harapkan pagar pagar makan padi, Harapkan polis polis tembak mati.

*not from me ok. i took this from Facebok.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

laugh all the way home

first hand experience on the Hulu Selangor by-election (Day 1)

WHile i missed my train on Friday night 16/4/2010 to the Hulu Selangor by-election, my senior, junior and classmates already there to get the first hand experience on the historical event.

there were actually there to carry out a survey for my senior's FYP.

yea i envy them... but im not sad la.. there are good and bad sides of a thing. so it's ok.

anyway, i am really proud of my classmates Pei Suang and Teck Joo that they witnessed themselves the Hulu Selangor by-election. Most importantly it opened their eyes on things that they never noticed before. I hope one day more young people will care for their country through actions and not just by complaining and whining.

wana know what she saw and what she felt? go to...

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


SONG of the day

PEOPLE!! studying ah??! chill lah! relax jap. have a kit kat! no kit kat? play with a cat! no cat then listen to this song and SING it out loud! woohoooo!

There are 3 versions from diff singers: Michael Buble, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra.

MAXIMUM satisfaction

MAXIMUM satisfaction! My mood is like the bright and clear sunny skies. That’s what Im feeing right now. JOY! I realised that when we put a lot of efforts on something and when we do it heartedly, whether the outcome is positive or negative, we’ll still feel proud of ourselves. We give the best we have.

And im happy with what I did the whole yesterday. Im PROUD of myself la..

Finally I managed to turn my room n common area into a new one. Hahah. You should come n see yourself how clean n tidy n neat it is. Everything and everywhere is so sparkling and shining.

I started the ‘spring cleaning’ from evening and ended at 3.30am!

-I being nice locked the window and switched off the light in their toilet.

-I threw away their rubbish.

-I cleaned the table in common area which fulled with their rubbish!

-I cleared their notes, newspapers, bottles and tins on the floor.

-I stacked the newspapers nicely.

-I washed and cleaned their utensils and cups.

-I washed all the plates n utensils in the sink.

-I washed n brushed and gosok the sink.

-I rearranged the clothes in my wardrobe.

-I packed my food and stuffs accordingly.

-I washed my bed sheet.

-I swept and mopped my room and the common area.

-I arranged all my notes.

-I planned my study timetable.

-I studied!

PC the RED 'ghost'

Grrrhhhh! U noe wat.. I asked my classmate, PC to come over my hse to study and sleepover la since he’s alone n im alone as well.

So while waiting for him, I mopped my room la. I’ve been doing late ‘spring cleaning’ the whole day. Anyway im still mopping actually at this time. But I need to blog about this first!

So fine la.. I mop mop mop. And SUDDENLY! I sensed something! I felt someone is standing by the door. I felt the presence of someone. And there was like a body figure standing there. I was like..ok..there’s nothing there..

As usual I don’t give a damn la. I didn’t even turn my head and look at my door. my heart n mind are quite strong I would say. When I feel something abnormal usually I’l just act bodoh and continue with my work although sometimes i freak out. But most of the time I can overcome the fear when I don’t think about it.

So I continued with my mopping and I totally forgot about that figure standing by the door. So I accidentally turned to my door and what the heck!

IT’s PC!! My heart fell dropped and pecah! He just stood there looking at me without any word. And cilaka him, he’s wearing RED shirt!

Cilaka PC. Im gona kick ur arse! Yes I AM!! Ask u come to study and you prank me huh! Some more u laughed at me!! my burger tonight on u la.

i miss you..

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

paternal amma

QUOTE of the day

Try your best or do your best is not enough. You must do it full-heartedly and that's the best.

Monday, 26 April 2010

year 2 semester 1 study break

well, 14weeks of studying have ended last week.

It's study break now and it always end up as if it's semester break. haha.

STudy break is from 26/4/2010-2/5/2010, then final exam until 15/5/2010.

Most of the students will take these few days to play and enjoy and relax before burning midnight oil few days before the exam.

Im doing the same too. i didn't study at all last week. i relaxed. and today is my last day of relaxing. after today which is tomorrow, hopefully i can start studying.

Today is already Monday, going to be Tuesday in few minutes.. Means that i have more than a week to study. To be exact, 10days!

my first paper is on the 7th May (Friday). last paper on the 15th May.

WHile some of my classmates are studying for the exam, im here in front of my laptop.

ZZZ... i told myself that i must work harder because my coursework marks are low. If i screw up this written test, im doomed! i need to seriously get better results than the others to cover up my low coursework marks.

But hehe im proud and glad that i didn't follow my frens go yumcha now. NO NO! and i already closed the FB page.

i must focus and put more efforts in my exam.
so before i sleep tonight, im gona seriously, in one shot, clear the mess in my room and re-arrange all the notes. That's my priority and im gona plan my study timetable before i sleep.

i can't study when my room is dirty lah!! eeeew! and without study timetable i find it hard to study lo..

hopefully wa mia plan jadi lah ye.

Tomorrow, serbu the library to borrow books.


Im slowly picking up and stitching altogether the broken pieces of hardwork, motivation, determination, strong heart and hunger for success.

ALL the best to some of my friends who'll be having their first paper this Friday due to some unavoidable reasons.


*i miss sara, tiff n mira la.. baliklah Kampar. dun make me smack ur head! =p

quotable quotes

"Determination, courage, self-confidence are keys to success. In all circumstances, we should remain humble, modest and without pride."

~ Dalai Lama
~ 26/4/2010
~ via Twitter

YOU are quoted

"You can take me outta penang, but u can NEVER TAKE PENANG OUTTA ME!!! ♥"

~ Natasha Khanum
~ 26/4/2010

Sunday, 25 April 2010

YOU are quoted

"wa bo gila politik macam lu. whenever i cakap pasal you 2 my family i cakap that 1 ah that gila politik 1. gila politik baru they tahu haha. nama menarik and sesuai kasi lu."

~ Dexter Khaw Kuo Wen
~ 25/4/2010 9.48pm
~ via MSN

*memang kanasai la u.

My Zaid Ibrahim is losing

At this time 9pm, P.Kamalanathan is winning with a big majority of more than 1thousand votes. Zaid Ibrahim is losing..

Of all the by-elections after March 2008 general election., this by-election is the most anticipated one for me. this is the by-election where i really analyzed alot of things from what i learnt in university. I put so much feelings in it, prayed a lot and throw mountains of support to the candidate.

This by-election is so important for me. and i feel it's so important for all of us, Malaysians.

Im glad that my prediction from day one until this moment is somehow true. ok im happy with that because i managed to apply what i learned in politics classes into the real political landscape of Malaysia. but im sad because i predict that Zaid will lose.

i still remembered my random conversation i had with my classmate last night, Ah Joo who's also into politics and support Zaid Ibrahim. i said "i support zaid bt BN too strong. bt i feel PR improved last min la. bt still mayb not that strong lo."

I support Zaid Ibrahim at all time eversince he's in the government. He's one of the very few BN politicians that i trusted and i look up too. I even bought train tickets to Kuala Kubu Baru just to throw my support to him but i missed my train.

Now he's having a hard time in this by-election.

I hope whoever wins this battle will fulfill his promises to the rakyat. BN may win this time but it's because of people's vision covered with money and not because they love BN.

People, no use winning when we use dirty tactics. What's the significance of victory from the people who voted for you when you are actually betraying threm, yourself and God? You may win on Earth but you are sure a loser in Heaven.

Now let see will P.Kamalanathan deliver well to its people if he wins.

Zaid Ibrahim will still be the winner for me. And i believed he's a winner for many of us.

Surah al-Hujurat, ayat 13

Wahai umat manusia, sesungguhnya kami meciptakan kamu daripada lelaki dan perempuan, dan kami menjadikan kamu daripada berbagai-bagai bangsa dan bersuku puak supaya kamu berkenal-kenalan (dan beramah mesra antara satu sama lain). Sesungguhnya semulia-mulia kamu di sisi Allah adalah orang yang lebih takwanya antara kamu, (bukan yang lebih berketurunan atau bangsanya). Sesungguhny Allah maha mengetahui lagi mendalam pengetahuannya (tentang keadaan dan amalan kamu).

~ Surah al-Hujurat, ayat 13

Zaid Ibrahim or P.Kamalanathan

In less than 1 hour from now, folks of Hulu Selangor will be casting their vote in the one of the most expensive eever by-election in the history of Malaysia.

The fight is between Datuk Zaid Ibrahim from PKR and P.Kamalanathan from MIC.

Some people will choose based on the candidate's personality. Some will choose based on the party. Some will choose based on the promises. Some will even choose based on their race.

There are few questions in my mind and perhaps many of us.

1. Who do you think can deliver the best to the people particular in Hulu Selangor and generally in the Malaysia?

2. Who's your choice?

3. Who do you think will win in this by-election?

If you don't mind, put your comments below.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

no electric again ah!!

ish ish ish! whole Kampar black out again. wana see some pics? click the link below.

QUOTE of the day

"Every world religion, whatever its philosophical view, is founded on the precept that we must reduce our selfishness and serve others."

~ Dalai Lama
~ Friday 23/4/2010
~ via Twitter

another failed trip

Yes, another failed trip on a same day.

I didn't sleep the whole night. i went to yumcha with classmates, chit chat till 5am++.

Me n PC were so umpph to go to Ipoh.

He's so nice. He knows im not ok emotionally. So he's willing to go to Ipoh with me..

Just for fun. Since i never go to Ipoh by bike. Then can go there and have good breakfast. Basically we just wana relax n chill to the max this week before we prepare for our exam on 7th May.

So ok. i went out at 6am to fetch him. Motor engine started. I went out from my house and oh GOD! it is RAINING!

WHAT??! why...

Is He trying to give me a hint that i should just stay at home today and i should not travel for long distance?

I just don't have luck to get out from Kampar.

i guess maybe it's a sign from the God that i should just stay at home.

Now it's not my fault. It's raining. He doesn't want let me go.

The rain is getting heavier.

I feel it's a good thing we didn't go out earlier because we might get wet on the way to Ipoh. Lucky us.

Aih.. okla.. sleep la. Everything will be ok the next day. yes it will.

and it's nice to sleep when it's raining. the rain will flush away all the suehness and bring us some good luck.

Friday, 23 April 2010

i missed the train ='(


sad sad sweat sucks shit sohai!

and whatsoever vulgar words that you know la!


i was just 5seconds away ok!! i saw the train when i reached the station. i parked my bike, locked my helmet n i rushed to the train. But the train was moving! FINE! i almost jumped into the train but the conductor said no. I was numb, stood there, undecided whether to jump or not to jump into the last coach. at the end, i said by bye to the train!

u noe that kind of feeling. so near yet so far. i saw the train, it's just in front of me! but i cannot go in.


argggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! pissed off at myself!

i feel like jumping into the lake or or knock my head to the toilet bowl or hang myself upside town from Eastlake big tangki!

u noe wat people. I think i have a BIG achievement in my life. why?? i missed my bus once when I was comin back here to UTAR. i missed my first international flight from Thailand to Malaysia. and now i missed the TRAIN from Kampar to Kuala Kubu Baru. what next?!!

so what should i do now??

arrghhh! no no big boy don't cry. haha. i need to do something la. must get myself busy!

YOU are quoted

"If one day OCE didn't skip class dia bukan lagi OCE. Suruh Tiffany tidur sama lu then can wake you up mer."

~ Dexter Kaw Kuo Wen
~ 9.10pm 23/4/2010
~ via MSN


Hulu Selangor im coming!


here i go, on my way, everything will be ok..

im going to Hulu Selangor tonight for the by-election!


nyeh nyeh nyeh. train at 10.19pm. will b back on Saturday 10.49pm.

c u kamparian.

im all WET

late for 2hours

8am class.

6.40am alarm in hp rang. Too early. Slept back.

Then the story began!

I opened my eyes. Blink blink. Eh why so bright huh. I started to gabra and kalut. I grabbed my hp! oh shit!! No battery! My hp has shut off itself!

Damn! Rushed to my laptop. OH MY GOSH!


Arrghh! Im super late! Sms Sara to asked class finished already or not. No reply. sms Tiffany no reply. Luckily Ai Loon replied me.

Rushed again  like mad cow. Ok I didn’t bathe! What! Late already still wana bathe ar? PI LA. I just washed my face n brushed my teeth.

Reached class at 10am. Just before I enter the class, I say Chin Poh Nee walking out.

Oh no!! the class just ended!

Aih.. I apologised to the lecturer.

It didn’t intend to skip the class ok. ish!

My Eyes are still swollen.

akar umbi

Jaw dropped. Teeths cracked.

Heve you guys ever listened to the songs from Orang Asli? Never?!! try this!

This group is called AKAR UMBI! This Orang Asli group is awesome!!

But sadly to say the vocalist has passed away.

I have a dream.. to stay and learn and feel the life of all the tribes in Malaysia.

I'm gona do that before i die, to make sure their heritage won't died off, through my lense, pen, and my voice recorder.

wana listen to their songs?

just click

by the way, im a big fan of world music, oborigines music and traditional music.

Jeremiah 29:13

You will seek me and you will find me, if you seek me with all your heart.

~ Jeremiah 29:13

Thursday, 22 April 2010

what a 'rain'

Deii yenna pochi!

the rain was so heavy! i quickly changed and get out from my house in 2minutes. By the time i got to the road, i don't feel the heavy rain anymore!

Why rain for 1 minute only? So damn pondan la the rain!

If wana rain, rain for 1 hour la! SATU JAM!

damn la! i was so excited gila gila went to the middle of the road to take my shower but only few drops of rain. it's not even drizzling ok.

wa mia baju pun belum buka Sabun pun belum taruh!

I stood there waiting for the rain to get heavy again but it didn’t. it became lesser. Grrhh! fine. So I walked around my housing area for 10minutes, looking for the rain spot but the rain stopped entirely!!

Grrrhhh geram oo!

What a first time experience of taking bath in the rain but no rain at all!

This is maximum dissappointment!
Kanasai panggusai la!

I WANT RAIN!! Not the singer but the water from the sky!!

I just feel sexy to bathe in the public. wahahaha.

EveRYOne should bathe in the rain to save water.

shower in the rain


this is the second time it rains today.



I have not been doing that for sooooooooooo long eversince priimary school.

im EMO now.

please bring me happiness n flush away all the sadness.


quotable quote

When you already screwed up part of your life, you don't screw up your entire life. There's still time to make a comeback, make a change in your life. Dream with actions.

*You can change the word 'life' to assignment, semester, realtionship, health etc.

QUOTE of the day

"If you want to rule the state, first put your house in order, to put your house in order, first cultivate yourself morally, to cultivate yourself morally, first put your heart right, to put your heart right, you must be sincere."

~ Confucious

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ibu, The Queen The Ratu

This week is the last week of studies in this semester. Next week will be the study week then final exam.

You know people, it's time to put a 'comma' to facebook, myspace, friendster, twitter, ekawan, blogspot, plurk, wordpress and whatsoever websites la.

Just put it on hold for a while. Or at least don't use it that often.

I just feel so bad for being so playful (as usual) this semester. Hey not so playful also la ok. I did my assignments, presenatations etc. N i had several achievements also ma.

I feel bad for not giving the best in me in studies. I am NOT stupid! i know that. Im just lazy.

Im kinda moody right now because i miss my mum. I miss her..

i just watched a video and listened to as song about mother and I'm emotionally affected by it.

Im so lucky to be here, staying in this house, studying in university while some of my peers don't even have the chance to study.

My mum wants me to succeed in life. I believe every mother's dream is to see their children be someone useful and someone successful.

It's so hard to swallow when i know my mum is working her ass off and im having my leisure time here.


Ask yourself these questions.

"Whar have you contribute to your family and your parents?"
"Have you really tried  your best in everything you do?

The best woman in my life will always be my mum.

N now i promised myself to work harder for the final exam.

That's a promise.

And before my final, i wana at least clear the mess in my room and get all my notes done.


Nothing in this world is more valuable than the love from our parents.

Love them and show them your love before it's too late.

Im not a good son. I love them but i don't know how to show it. ='(

I wish i'll be a kid again, to manja with my mum, to get caning from her, to be fetched by her with bicycle.

I know no matter how old i'll be, i'll still be that little kid for her.

I miss her, i can;t wait to see her next week and go to Thailand for a vacation with her.

Ibu, engkalulah ratu hati ku.

QUOTE of the day

People are the master of the government.

war has ended


JUST 10 MINUTES to end the war!


i managed to register all 5 subjects for next semester by 11.10am!

fuh! what a relieved! i feel so good right now.

my hands were shaking, fingers were shivering, my heart was pounding fast!

it's a normal reaction everytime we need to register subjects for next semester. We had a bad experience before when the system was down because every single student in UTAR register at the same time! and sometimes we don't get to register subjects that we want according to our preferred time slot.

But this time, the subjects registration is not as bad as before. UTAR has upgraded their system. It's faster and less jam now.

It's also more systematic because they have specified the registration time to certain courses and not all the courses in UTAR.

For example, students of Journalism, Advertising and English Language from Faculty of Arts and Social Science (FAS) have to register at 11am today but for Chinese Language, Physchology and Public Relation, they register at different time.

so good job to UTAR. Im happy with my 'achivement'. Thank God i got all the time slots i wanted. haha. i guess some are still struggling to register the subjects now.

All the best people.

WAR in UTAR again




By this time, most of FAS students already in front of their laptop of computer to register their subjects the next semester.

And all of them like mad horse, waiting for the green light to run off.

Please please I pray the internet connection will be obedient from 11-11.15am.


18/4/2010 12.38am

DRUNK?!! Nah.. definitely im not cz I dun drink. Credits to the photographer, Nixon Lai for this cool picture that I asked him to take when we met up last weekend in Penang.

Look at my healthy hair! Soft, shining, thick! Haha.

Now who wana hire me for sad, emo, and scary advertisement?

Home - Michael Buble

woohoooo! Michael Buble! u rockz!! go go go!! ush ush ush!

i just love your drunken style in this song. anyway.. i melt eveytime i listen to this song. n i fell in love to ur voice seriously. I feel like going home again..

Aku cinta padamu lah bubble! =p

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Benefits of Orgasm

Again, i found one very interesting article but it's kind of sensitive for Eastern people like Malaysian. It's about masturbation, one of the topisc that has to do with sex. I find the article very useful and informative. It's definitely good for a society like us that are scared, paranoid and phobia to talk about it.

Sex is not widely discussed intelectually in education but people mostly learn from their peers and films. So people usually kids don't have adequate, correct and reliable information on sex education. For those who want to know me or curious about their own body, go to this website.


sai = shit = taik












Without You - Jaclyn Victor & Same Same

SONG of the day

A very nice song by Jaclyn Victor without her shouting too much. I find it quite soothing.. It's sweet and simple. How nice if i have such a relationship right now. =p This is one of the soundtracks in my favourite movie, Cinta. Not to forget, Jaclyn is one of my favourite local artistes.

First time I saw you I knew
I knew I love you cause my heart stopped
First time I held you I knew
I knew I love you cause my heart stopped

Cause I … la la la la la love you
Love can make you feel so funny
No house, no car not even money will make me feel the way
What I’m really trying to say
Can’t live another day
Without you
Without you
Without you
Without you

First time I kissed you I knew
I knew I had you cause your heart stopped
First time I missed you I knew
I knew I never wanna leave you

Love can make you feel so funny
No house, no car not even money will make me feel the way
What I’m really trying to say
Can’t live another day
Without you
Cause I … la la la la la love you
Cause I … la la la la la love you (love you)

Cause I … la la la la la love you
Cause I … la la la la la love you
La la la la la
La la la la la

my only sister

hahaha. My sister. i found this photo when i korek my archive. Cute huh. She's 10yr old this year. Rebellious and IT savvy. Good in art and she likes photography. This photo was taken before CNY when we were trying CNY clothes.

Monday, 19 April 2010

back to the dirty house

Dah sampai Kampar..

hmmm.. after a 3hr bus ride, I'm back to Kampar.

I'm having dinner now, home-cooked by my mum, all the way from Penang.

everytime i step into my house here, my mood will changed drastically.

i can't stand the dirtiness and messiness in this house.

I'm still waiting for the day when my houseowner fulfil her promise to hire a cleaner and clean the house.

you know.. more and more people moving put from this house. next time will left only for people in this big house.

sometimes i feel im the big Taukeh in such a big bungalow.


ok gtg. need to clean up myself, clean my room n the common area, unload stuffs from Penang, reshuffle my wardrobe, arrange my notes and throw away the rubbish that left by the people who moved out.


bye Penang..

i dun wana go back yet...

i wana stay here...

maybe for few more days?

ahhhh... Kampar is so damn hot la.

when the weather is hot, im HOT too..

anyway, im glad to be back.

and im so thankful and grateful that i've done what i intended to do.

Thank you to the One up there.

so it's a great weekend n it's so worth it that i came back.

im gona miss everything here especially my family.

again i dun really have time to spend time with my sister.

i was packed ok even im in Penang.

this is so crazy!!

yea because i only come back to Penang when i have soemthing to do here. Family is second. i miss them i i wont purposely coem back to see them. They are in me every second. And my mum don;t really like i always come back because it's a waste of money. somehow it's true..

ok.. i got to run. i just reached home n i haven't pack my stuffs.

bus at 6.30pm and i need to be at the Jetty the lastest by 5.45pm. im still looking for transport to go to the Jetty.

till then, tata. have a great day everyone. remember to always thank God.

Tamil New Year

Group photo on 14/4/2010 where a Hindu chariot took place. It happened to be the Tamil New Year on the same day.

i see me in the newspaper


i duno what to say. this is really unbelievable.

when i reached Penang on Saturday, i saw the authority catching illegal immigrants. so spontaneously, as usual, i did what i always do, take photos.

and i was harressed and threatened by one of the reporters from a Chinese newspaper. Then, i guess he got scolding from his chief editor. =p

and now, tonight, when i just reached home, at 1am plus plus, i saw a msg in MSN by Teck Joo. he sent me a link and he said im in the newspaper.

i was like WHAT?!! WHY!! i didn't do anything wrong.

i know for sure i didn't let anyone took my picture during the operation to catch illegal immigrants.

Then i clicked  the link

Oh God. hahaha.

i can't believe what i see. It's me in the online newspaper.

Guess what i was doing in the picture. i was taking picture of a shampoo bottle that someone threw into the beach. This morning i went to clean Gurney Beach ma.

woa. lucky me right. im back in Penang n im the news. =p this is the first time in the year that i appeared in the newspaper. hahaa.

FARNEEE and LAWAK! this is so 'AM KONG'.

oh ya i can't read Chinese. so i asked Nixon to translate the caption.

"Macam macam rubbish ada kat the beach, even shampoo bottles pun ada, maybe orang suka go to the beach and use shampoo and wash their hair using the sea water! So this young man digged out the bottle and decided to take a picture to keep as a collection."


Sunday, 18 April 2010

i cleaned GURNEY BEACH (part 1)


seriously i am proud of myself. i just joined thousands of people in my live cleaning the beach in beloved state, Penang.

yea i cleaned the beach?

how?? use ur hand la. =p

i slept at 5am last night. i was so packed up that i didn't bath at all yesterday. zzz...

i supposed to be at the venue by 6.30am but what the heck i woke up at 7am.

i was so late. fine! n i had severe running nose. it was so annoying. i got delayed because of that. i was so sleepy that my face so pale. i walked like a snake. my eyes were bloody red.

i just washed my face then i rushed there and reached at 7.40am. luckily the event haven't started.

im now hoping to sleep again but i can't.

i chose not to because im going to support my sister in an essay competition.

then to my maternal grandma's house.

another working day today although it should be a rest day in Penang.

end of 1st day in Penang

waaaaaa... im not satisfied.

i want more time. i hope time will just paused for few hours.

i'm not getting enough yet.

i want to do more things.

anyway im going to sleep now.

too tired.

i just finished a 2.5hours of interview by my friend for her assignment from 2am-4.30am.

i just sent few photos to Poovan. sorry for making him wait for me.

n i didn't sleep at all today ever since i woke up this morn!

need to wake up n out form my house by 6.20am to clean the beach later.

so people no time to blog although i have too many things to say.

haha good nite. tata.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

back in penang

finally here i am, in my 'country', Penang.


interview eat tour shit sleep


straight into the toilet for 'business' after reached home.

must be the murtabak and the squid i had just a while a go.

i wanted to sleep just now at 9pm but i didn't. im still awake till now.


just when i wanted to go n sleep around 9.30pm, Poovan sms me. he 1 me to help him take pic of his interviewee for J-On. i ended up did the interview with him. fuh... im so hardworking rite.

then 10.30pm Tze Huey said she's going to eat Kuay Kak with Cynthia n Edmund. Cynthia called n ajak. i ended up eating Balitong, Kerang Rebus and Kuay Kak with them. But I was still hungry then.

Then Chin Eng the crazy one, as usual came up with crazy idea. Ride all teh way to Tapah. FINE!! we really did. Edmund and Cynthia with 70cc bike n i fetch Tze Huey. Wana noe our speed. 40km/h only. what a safe rider right?? =p

after we reached Kampar, we stopped at a mamak shop in New Town. i ordered Murtabak with overnight Squid and Susu Lembu.

The consequnces? Business in the toilet. Woahhhh... BIG BUSINESS OK!! now really tak larat and 'bolat'. stomach super pain.

ok i need to oink oink now. very tired. pimples everywhere. face so pale. i can see black rings at my eyes. skin so dry.

good night people. if anyone can wake up before 7.30am, please wake me up as well. i haven't pack my beg and my bus is at 9.15am. i need to find a transport to the bus stop.


Friday, 16 April 2010

got the ticket

Grrrrh finally got my ticket! Im going back to penang tomorrow.


It’s time to sleep. Good night. I wish not to be disturbed.

i need a peaceful sleep after all the cilaka assignments.

let me sleep till the next morning.


penang or kampar

it's already friday.. and it's already end of friday. It's weekend.

i am still thinking to go back to Penang or stay here in Kampar.


to go back or not to go back.

i don't know.

i feel like going back cuz i miss my home la. im so exhausted. i miss my family. i miss my bed and bantal busuk. i need a nice sleep. i know my mum will cook good food for me. i wana go eat by the roadside. go kaypo here and there in the island. i wana meet up with my buddies Wei Han, Dexter, Nixon, Chee Leng, Phui Leng and the others. i need to refill my pangsaicua, 100 Plus, tissue, 3in1 milo etc.

but i have to go back again end of tis month. my mum actually said no need to go back cuz it's a waste of money. another reason i wana go back is because i want to get back my camera accessory. i need it for a photoshoot next week in Ipoh. but if i go back n teh camera guy haven't repair the thing, waste my time and energy only.

*to be continued.

im 'HOT"

wooooh! HOT HOT!

My room is so hot suddenly.

No it's not because of the fan or the weather.

But it's because someone is folding my clothes for me. Wat the heck!!

hahaha. i mean thx to her, i don't have to fold my clothes. we were doing assignment n suddenly she get bored. She needs to do something.

And she's folding my clothes. ok that part is still ok. But i almost fainted when i saw my red underwear is folded!



can i mention ur name Tiff? =p

Thanks for being so 'mother' tonight.

unfinished SUSHI QUEEN?!!

oh SHIT! arrghhh! now only remember i haven't finish my Sushi yet. Thanks Poicia for asking!

anyway.. finally i got to eat Sushi! hahaha.. but i didn't go to Sushi King. Since today is the last day of Sushi Bonanza, the queue is SUPER LOOOONG. N i can't get the Sushi card from my fren. Okla a bit sad la can't feel the BONANZA..

so nvm lo. Me n Tiffany went to Sushi Queen. woohooo! yes Sushi Queen! never heard of it meh? Come to Kampar n have a look at it urself la duh. =p

the shop's name is actually The Little Kitchen la. I tell u the food is damn cheap! n the portion is damn BIG! It's super worth the $ u pay la. both of us cannot finish the Sushisssssssssssss. Too Fulled. I still feel like puking right now. So we tapao lo. The only problem is the menu is in Chinese. Wat The Heck then people who don't speak Chinese don't eat sushi meh. aih.. Improve a bit la people.

Anyway it was a nice dinner.. with nice people ma. So long never have a meal with Tiffany Oon Min-I already. =p There were friends that i know having dinner there as well. At our left are people that i know from UTAR Buddhist Society. and at our right are people that i know from the Church Campus COnnect. hahaa.

So no Sushi King? it's ok. i got Sushi Queen.

Why people like Sushi King? It's already became a culture. When people think of chicken, they'll think of KFC. When peopel think of fries and burger, they'll think of McD. And when people think of sushi, they'll think of Sushi King la.

No Why.. We grown up in this environment. We are instilled with that mindset. So be critical abit la. Other restaurants pun sedap ma. Not necessarily restaurant with a lot of branches sedap. =p

YOU are quoted

"Personality can be big people with small thing and small people with big thing."

~ Tee Bae Shiuan
~ 16/4/2010 12.08am
~ via MSN

*awwww this is super sweet la! THX Bae Bae for the inspirational words! I'll make our interview a good one, i'll try. And thanks for your trust..

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Which Way?

Human are greedy. Human want everything that came across their life. When you want too many things in your life, and you can't afford it, you'll stuck here. Which way you gona choose? We can't get everything we want in life. Choose the best path and stick to it. God's willing, we'll reach our destination.

QUOTE of the day

If you do something with a good intention and nice heart, everything will turn out great for you and for others.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Happy New Year Happy Birthday Good Luck

People come people go.

There are newborns everyday. And there are deaths everyday.

Yet life still goes on.

In just this semester, i've seen a lot of celebrations, be it for birthday, for the dead, for the newborn, for a well done presentation, for new year etc.

Celebration is to thank and appreciate something, to move forward for the better, leave behind the past and enjoy the present.

So i really duno what im mumbling right now.

Ok i just wana wish my Tamil friends a Happy Tamil New Year. To my Sikh Friends, Happy Vasakhi.

Happy Birthday to Amirah, Chiakie and Tennee. ALthough life changed, we changed, everything also changed, but friendship never changed ok. Wish u guys happiness lots of lots of love and success in life, good health, good wealth, good brain and all the best in whatever u do. God bless u.
TO my sister, good luck for your running competition and marching tomorrow. i'll pray for u. i know u r not gona read this but it's ok, one day when u already grown up n im gone, i noe u'll read this. =p

Everyone needs luck. But luck will only be on your side if you work hard.

sleep as if u gona die


I have been sleeping for these 2 weeks. N I sleep as if im gona die. I sleep as if im not gona wake up anymore. I had nightmaresssssssssss!! I was shivering! Then I sweat! grrrrhh!

I skipped quite a lot of classes these 2 weeks.

I really duno why I cannot wake up. I tried to but I just can’t. my body n my mind are not working. They resist my command. They never listen to what I want! They are damn LAZY! And then I got flu. I got fever. Stomach is pain again. n again!

At the end of the day, im the victim,. Im the victim for my own behaviour.

I hate myself so much for being like that.

Im stress. I freak out everytime I thought the reports I have to submit before the deadline. I tried to hide myself up but time still flies.

Something is wrong with me by the end of this semester. Presentations and midterms were ok. but now the reports part, I screw up.

I know myself that I am not ok, emotionally. I know but I can’t figure out the reason. When im outside with friends, I ok. but when im alone in my room, the dark clouds just cover my entire room n my life. I feel like i need to hug someone. A guy or a girl, it's ok. I just need a hug. A big hug. A long hug.

No, I don't miss her.

But i feel like im missing someone. The feeling of missing someone is so strong that i don't even know who's the person im missing. What the heck im talking about?!! I miss someone la but someone that doesn't exist? grrrrhhh! Home sick perhaps? Or maybe because im stress up because of assignments?

Anyway, Im glad I finished 1 report already n 2 more to go.

Everyone delays their works. Everyone procrastinates. But we must not live in it! Fight it. Overcome it.

I wish this week will ends soon. And then I wana sleep again until my final. I dun wana wake up…seriously. I dun wana face anyone. I dun wana lepak jalan-jalan. I dun wana take pics. I dun wana eat. I dun wana talk. I dun wana online. I dun wana bath. I dun wana go out form my room. I dun wana do anything at all. I just don’t want.. that’s how I feel right now.

And don’t ask me why. Cuz I don’t know why..

I need to be alone.. yes.. just to be alone for tonight. N I wont be at home tonight. N I’ll stay awake till tomorrow morning.

Oh ya! Tonight got pasar malam but im not going. Tomorrow is the last day of Sushi Bonanza! Yumyum! I WANT!! =p

YOU are quoted

"A writer without a pen is like without a hand."

~ Elween Locke
~ 13/4/2010

*i think a word is missing.

this conversation is funny

hahaha. Poovan has been ponteng-ing a lot of classses this semester. n he didn't even online!! im gona kick his ass! so he online n i talked to him. im still talking to him actually. and this is our conversation via MSN at 1.05m just now. IT IS FARNEEE!

Poovan: CE.. I need something from you.

CE: Apa.

Poovan: CE today Tamil New Year la weh. Never wish me also.

Me: Haha. I know la. But today is Tuesday. Must sleep. Wake up. Then only Wednesday.

Poovan: Poda dei... crazy... haha..

Me: Deiii thambi, ni mudevi podakh gundechi sat tem por ra deiii!

I'm a very weird guy. Even it's already over 12am but im still awake, i'll still consider that day the day before 12am. And my mindset can only change after i wake up the next day. =p

*by the way, 14/10/2010, Wednesday is Tamil New Year.

photos of the thunderstorm (beautiful side)

hola people hola olang.

here is the second part of the thunderstorm photos, the beautiful side of it.

click n see la. if u like it, TQ so much. if it's not that nice, it's ok, tq, i'll improve my skill.

Okla that's all for today. Mood suddenly macam TAIK after i talk to my mum. grrrhh.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

photos of the thunderstorm (ugly side)

There are beauties of the heavy rain actually. Photos after this. =p

tornado in kampar

woah! when i was blogging half way just now, it suddenly rain! and it was a big one. super big! then whole Westlake black off for 20minutes. nevermind la u read the so-called news that i wrote la. hehe.

daytime nightmare

ok outside ko inside

it's a burger night

what: Burger BBQ Night
date: 12/4/2010 (monday)
time: 7pm-11pm
venue: Campus Connect (church) New Town, Kampar

It's an event organised by a Church here in Kampar. I was invited by Adeline. and hehehe i like the place. Im gona attend teh service as much as possible although i am NOT a Christian. ok im lazy to talk more. Just look at the photos la ye. =p

Pak Cik CE in action. fuyoooo!

TARANG! Burger Cap Camera GRADE A1. my first homemade burger in Kampar, with the help from Rachel. i tell you it tastes really super duper damn very good! see the juice all coming out. when you bite rite, the juice just 'sprinkle' n 'shoot' like the stars in ur mouth. i know u cannot stand the temptation right?? the one and only ok!

hehehe.. gua sama gua mia limited edition copyright reserved ISO 881019:2010 Burger Cap Camera.

it's us. from left: Adeline, Vanitha and Rachel. Adeline Wok:We are crazy and hot in our own way. very true.

hahaha... i just love this pics. everyone looks so enjoying. funny too!

Monday, 12 April 2010

kill u red army


i have been attacked by the RED ARMY!! shit them!! they lay eggs membiak and make babies under my file holder. walaueh! so gatai la all of them! if wana increase ur population go somewhere else la!! why come to my place! i can't breastfeed u!

ish ish ish!

i was so shocked when i found the red ants! RED ANTS!! if u r the Thailand Red Army, it's ok. i respect u n i'll take ur pics n promote u.

but u silly red ants that love to bite people then make people gatai, breed in my room. yea they have their own fort! without any delay, i brought out my weapon: WET PANGSAICUA!! and i sapu them away.

wahahaah. we had a great fight! war of the world. they are strong! but I AM STRONGER!!

nyeh nyeh nyeh!

finally i destroyed their civilization! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

CILAKA how dare u step into my territory and buat kacau. dun u ever dare to mess with OCE!

pix of 100410 yumcha (part 2)

Date: Saturday 10/4/2010
Time: 7pm-2am
Venue: Westlake

OCE's Corporate Service Announcement

1. Can anyone fly my family here to see me coz im freaking MISS them! Miss till wana CRY ok!!

2. Anyone with extra 3in1 Milo n Coffee ah? can donate a bit ah? hehee mine is finishing la. have to go back to Penang n reload. =p

3. Anyone is boring sleeping alone tonight? i am BORING! come n teman n sleep with me larh...

4. or you can actually choose to help me do housekeeping.

how? amamcam? which one you prefer? do good is very good u noe. buat baik dibalas baik. good offer u noe. all also FOC-FREE OF CHARGE! n i free u 1 massage service. approve and certified by SIRIM n i got ISO 881019:2010. dun PLAY PLAY!

a cup of Kopi O' Kao Kao

ok let be a bit serious in this post. i'll try.

this week will be the 13th week of this semester.

have you guys finished up all your assignments, presentations and midterm tests?

i've finished up everything except for few reports. this week will be a hectic week about reports then i'm done with assignments. next week, week 14, which is the last week of studying week in the semester, the lecturers will be giving tips and do revision with the students. I wont ponteng week 14 n i'll try not to ponteng week 13. it's a normal thing to get lazier by the end of the semester. trust me. =p

last week was a lazy week i would say. i ponteng a lot of classes intentionally n unintentionally. i slept a lot. A LOT! i missed the classes cuz i mistaken the time, i woke up late and i just dun feel like going out from my room. haih.. everything was so fine except for studies. no one can help u in studies except urself. God is not gona study for you.

today was so hot. thank God, Kampar is a little bit cooler now. =p

just all out of sudden, i feel so semangat to do what i planned to do before i land on my bed. i mean to sleep.

and i feel life has changed a bit in this semester.

eg. i seldom cycle to uni, i've left behind the past n move forward in relationship, i didn't take Biskut Cap Ping Pong at all, i'm a little bit more serious in the way i do my presentations, i seldom drink 3in1 Milo n Coffee, i spent SOOO much on food, im lazy to fold my clothes, i blog n blog n blog non-stop, i became so semangat in certain things i do, i became more active in uni's activities etc.

tonight i feel so lighten up. erm.. i just feel highly spirited to excel in my studies n in life. i know by just feeling is not enough, by just dreaming is not enough, things will oni materialised when we work hard and pray hard.

and a cup of Kopi O' Kao Kao will put me awake till the next morning to carry out my missions tonight. woooooooooo... i better do it now before my level of excitement and determination jatuh longkang.

before that let's fill my stomach with biscuits n kopi. im hungry again! by the way thanks Sara for the dinner: bihun goreng. sedap. pandai mak u masak. Your mum ok, not u. =p

pix of 100410 yumcha (part 1)

yes i know we went out to yumcha but im not gona show u pictures of yumcha. so boring. so lame. so normal. i told u we had fun right on Saturday night.


Sunday, 11 April 2010

manyak PANAS ooo...

haik yo!! ini malam har.. wa kasi lu tau!!


giler mia panas ah! panas sampai GILA! gila sampai PANAS!

itu panas ah bukan sebarang panas! itu panas ah MANYAK panas!



bukan normal mia PANAS!

lebih panas dari kentut dari pungkok. lebih panas dari matahari. lebih panas dari capati. lebih panas dari laksa. lebih panas dari teh tarik tak mau teh!

wah PANAS giler gila tak boleh tahan mau buka baju bogel bogel guling guling masuk bawah katil guling keluar pakai tuala lompat lompat langgar kpla sangkut dekat kipas then pecah pigi toilet renang-renang syiok syiok belly good ah!

PANAS ooo!

wa mau bukak baju pun malu besar, kemaluan besark! badan wa sexy, nanti pompuan semua mali!

tadi ah ada sikit hujan tapi itu kilat manyak manyak guruh lebih lebih.

talak hujan, panas. ada hujan, pun panas. SIKALANG WA MANYAK PANAS OOO!! LUAR PANAS DALAM PUN PANAS!

LEBIH BAIK TAlak PAYAH HUJAN! kalo lu belani huh, lu hujan la, kasi ini Kampar banjir, kasi itu lake pecahk. semua olang tak payah p MAMAK! tido lumah, ponteng class. ini maciam la bagui!

1Malaysia ma. semua olang united PONTENG!

ini maciam mia chuaca manyak susah la!

hot hot kipala boleh picak pungkok pun sakit!

gua tell sama lu! ini hali wa sulah mandi at least 3 kali. TIGA oo. apa lu ingat 30 kali ah? ingat wa chetak MONEY kasi bill air ka?!!

u pernah try mandi manyak manyak kali ah? u belum cuba ah? lu belum cuba belum tahu. sudah cuba hali hali mau oo. n sudah cuba hali hali makan tauhu!

deiiii apa lu gelak gelak, lu gelak pun har wa tell u pun PANAS la!

hopfuli wa halap lepas lu bacha, Kampar flood la, if talak flood, U FLOODKAN URSELF IN THE LAKES LA!! DOINKK!!

*anyway hehe im too free tonight to write nonsense.

i DON'T care

TOMORROW I want to submit my report, eat Sushi and go to gym!

Must! I DON’t CARE!

I CANNOT TAHAN la. I NEED to do it! Im gona do that tomorrow by hook or by crook, by cicak or by biawak, by pondan or by tomboy, by atas or by bawah!

HMPPPH! tomorrow never die!

and tonight..


we do what should we do la ok..



If one person boycott that girl, maybe that person got problem. BUT IF ONE WHOLE CLASS BOYCOTT THAT GIRL, MEANS THAT GIRL GOT BIG PROBLEM!

~ 11/10/2010

QUOTE of the day

"When we aceept life as it is, we can respond appropriately to the way we're experiencing it, rather than just reacting out of fear and aversion."

~ Ajahn Sumedho
~ abbot of Amaravati Monastery in England

JR 1/2009

I'm so proud to be one of the members in JR family. hehe. Anyway let me introduce myself. I am Oh Chin Eng aka OCE from January 2009 intake. Nice to meet you. =p

a night with lovesss

i just got home. hehe.. and im feeling much better. i just feel good.

everything seemed so happening. it wasn't that quiet anymore.

i brought my tripod n we took a  lot of WOW pictures. hehe. we talked-from uni stuffs to politics to entertainment then SEX. walaueh...

i've found my love. not the love between gf n bf. cuz i dun tink i need one now, i don't want.

i've found my love by God, family, friendsss and lastly my camera. My camera is my wife, my best fren, my best companion of all time. i know i can count on my 'wife' everytime im down or happy cuz thru her i can capture, document, express and share my feelings, my ideas, and my thoughts.

Thanks a lot my JR classmates who came out tonight to yumcha. thanks an yong, ai loon, ee theng, sotong, jia min, deng wen, xiang lin, zhi wei, teck joo, jie ee, jing wen. not to forget, sze han from av. =p

i feel like im poured with love tonight. ok u guys din do anything on me but being with you guys and share the moments together is the best love from u all. im so much relieved now after the laughters we had.

this is the first time we went to the lake in this semester. we'll do it again on the last day of final exam. =p

Saturday, 10 April 2010

empty in the heart

tonight is hot.

and it's kind of quiet. how's penang? or maybe i'm the only one who feel quiet and lonely.

i spent my night with my classmates and i just reached home, going out again after i post this.

they talked a lot. but i still feel everything is so quiet..

i can't feel the merrines n happines n crazines and what-so-ever-ness lah.

mood swings so fast.

something is wrong somehere..

most probably it's because of teh song i heard and the conversation i had with Ai Loon about our ex. ok ex-es.

i miss the feeling of being in love i guess. i miss the one i used to love. i miss the feeling of love and being loved. there are times when i need someone, more then a friend, a particular person to talk to. well, i think it's normal for a guy, especially someone who's already considered an adult, 22yr old, an active an social guy, and someone who used to be very loving and in a long relationship before to feel that way.

hmmm.. i'm not the guy that simply get a girl just because i need someone. NO! if i were, i would be doing it 1 year ago.

it has been quite long since i feel empty and lonely for being alone. that's why i try to be busy, as busy, as kaypo as much as i can.

tonight, is a very quiet n lonely night...

got to go. bye.

i don't like the effect of flashback and reminiscence. it's sweet n yet painful.

gym CLOSED?!!

ish ish ish! i just came back from the gym!

yeah i went to the gym but i didn't work out. why?!! cuz it's closed!! i wanted to go for the 5.15pm-7.15pm session but the guy said Saturday open until 5pm only. zzzzz!

eeee... i dah semangat kobar-kobar membara nak pi gain muscles manatau tutup!


life is always like that. you don't always get what you want although you have 100% commitment.

fine. nevermind. it's ok.

i'll go do laundry. then fold my clothes. clean my room. THROW AWAY EVERYTHING THAT Is NOt BELONGs TO ME IN 3rd floor.

YOU are quoted

"What do you get when you fall in love? You get enough tears to fill an ocean."

~ Tiffany Oon Min-I



im in deep shit!

im in BIG trouble!!

i went to withdraw money and then bank in my rental to my houseowner.

my eyes TERBELIAK TUATUALIAP when i see the balance in my account!

most of the students in UTAR Kampar will still have at least 5k but i have less then 4k!! difference of more than ONE THOUSAND!!

see la what should i do now?

i don't know how to survive till the end of next semester.

i used to do budget my then im too lazy n i overspent.

i know i have been spending too much, abnormal spending, 3 times higher than usual.

i have been travelling almost every weekends for the first 2 months.

i spent my money on travelling, books, food, petrol, backpack, bicycle repair, notes etc.

so sad lah...

from now on i cannot spend more than RM10 per day on food (i'll try lah =p). Less junk food. Must postpone my plan to repair my bike and buy household stuffs and utensils. Should cycle to school rather than use bike to save my petrol money. Cannot go jalan-jalan n ronda-ronda that often anymore (as if i can do it).

But i want to watch movie la especially Ice Kacang Puppy Love by Ah Niu. And i can't stop myself from buying books and makan.


people, u better berjimat cermat before u POKAI KOYAK n KERING!

selamat pagi

bangun pagi
gosok mata
buka laptop
tengok facebook

ahaha. never though that i can wake up and not sleep again this early morning. wheee...

let's see whether i can finish up my report before i go to class at 9am later.

anyone wana go for dim sum with me?? want ah want ah? i need to eat if not i'll be landing on my bed again. =p

Annek burger satu

hungry leh.. u hungry ah people? i am so hungry!

i had a nice vegetarian dinner just now. the aunty gave me free dish. ate too much then bloated.

but now suddenly so hungry. beh tahan!


dating with the stars

hahah people! let me show u the pictures i took with ADELINE WOK at Jalan Mati last night!

wooohooo. a lot of stars n fireflies! haha.

*this is the first time i attach so much photos in a post. ayoooo so leceh n troublesom la. so damn slow! ish.