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Saturday, 24 April 2010

another failed trip

Yes, another failed trip on a same day.

I didn't sleep the whole night. i went to yumcha with classmates, chit chat till 5am++.

Me n PC were so umpph to go to Ipoh.

He's so nice. He knows im not ok emotionally. So he's willing to go to Ipoh with me..

Just for fun. Since i never go to Ipoh by bike. Then can go there and have good breakfast. Basically we just wana relax n chill to the max this week before we prepare for our exam on 7th May.

So ok. i went out at 6am to fetch him. Motor engine started. I went out from my house and oh GOD! it is RAINING!

WHAT??! why...

Is He trying to give me a hint that i should just stay at home today and i should not travel for long distance?

I just don't have luck to get out from Kampar.

i guess maybe it's a sign from the God that i should just stay at home.

Now it's not my fault. It's raining. He doesn't want let me go.

The rain is getting heavier.

I feel it's a good thing we didn't go out earlier because we might get wet on the way to Ipoh. Lucky us.

Aih.. okla.. sleep la. Everything will be ok the next day. yes it will.

and it's nice to sleep when it's raining. the rain will flush away all the suehness and bring us some good luck.

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