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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Debate between Wee Ka Siong & Tony Pua

The two politicians from MCA and DAP respectively will face each other tonight at 11pm at ASTRO AEC.




Breakfast at Bangkok Lane this morning. =p

life brief candle

u see.. this is life. it's full of surprises and it's unpredictable. but that's what makes life. different tastes make life more colourful. what drives us from living? it's our hope, our dream, the things we enjoy and the people we love.

how sad to receive a news that my good friend's amma has just passed away. She was so healthy. I often see her in her smile and confident walk despite her old age. It has been years since I see here. But because of the heart operation, she lost her life. When I see her again, it will be at her funeral. The doctor should be more careful, alert and responsible instead of giving excuses.

I'll repeat what i said again laz nite in my blog, enjoy n appreciate the present.

Be strong Cynthia.


We love our parents but we just don’t know how to express it most of the time. 

Then they will feel that we don't care about them, we don't love them and we are not obedient. 

It’s even harder to show our love when the dark histories during our childhood still hunt us down. 

It’s hard to forgive and forget isn’t it? 

We willing to spend so much on friends' birthday, Valentine's, convocation, wedding etc etc but we never buy a present for the one who brought us up. 

Some never even give a hug or kiss to their parents before. 

Enjoy and appreciate the present..

We are only given one father and one mother in our lifetime.

I.. am still struggling to let go my past..

But i love my parents, sibling and grandparents.