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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

are you in dilemma?


Who of you here never face dilemma?

Dilemma is a situation where we are being undecided.

Dilemma is when you are having a hard to time to choose between 2 or more options.

We are leaders. Because we make a lot of decisions a day.

But it’s not easy to make a decision.

Most of the time we are stuck. A decision that seems to be so easy may not be that easy.

I know why.

The reason is because we are fear. We are afraid of the consequences.

I hate being in the state of dilemma. It’s so stressful. Being undecided is so torturing.

what would you do if you are facing dilemma?

If im in dilemma, I need to talk to someone. I need to let it out. Then I need response.

When I used to have girlfriend, she’s the one that I always turned to. She was my loyal listener.

But now im single. Who to talk to? Friends?

Some will talk to their best friends. But who are my best friends? I have very very close and good friends. But not everything is easy to tell someone.

Any good listener out there?

I am one.

a reminder again..

A reminder for myself again. Don’t reveal so many things. Keep the thoughts to yourself. Sometimes the more you say the more mistakes you make. Happiness should be shared around. But our feelings, just keep it inside. People are bias. Everyone is bias. When you say something. People who nod their head doesn’t mean they agree. Some will give you cynical look. Some will shoot you back after some time. Some will use what you have said to attack you personally. Some will feel that you are bullshitting.

I realised that it’s not a good thing to be so expressive.

Expressions are our personality. It’s hard to change but it is possible. To express is a way to let go a burden. It is also a way to share our happiness. But expressions can be misinterpreted and misunderstood.

Certain thing doesn’t have to be said. It is meant to be feel.

It’s ok if people don’t accept your opinion. But you must stand for yourself. You must stay firm on your decision. You must uphold your principles no matter what happens.

Family, friends, partner and people who understand you will know what is in your mind without you saying it.

A good listener is someone who will listen with heart and without being judgemental.