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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

are you in dilemma?


Who of you here never face dilemma?

Dilemma is a situation where we are being undecided.

Dilemma is when you are having a hard to time to choose between 2 or more options.

We are leaders. Because we make a lot of decisions a day.

But it’s not easy to make a decision.

Most of the time we are stuck. A decision that seems to be so easy may not be that easy.

I know why.

The reason is because we are fear. We are afraid of the consequences.

I hate being in the state of dilemma. It’s so stressful. Being undecided is so torturing.

what would you do if you are facing dilemma?

If im in dilemma, I need to talk to someone. I need to let it out. Then I need response.

When I used to have girlfriend, she’s the one that I always turned to. She was my loyal listener.

But now im single. Who to talk to? Friends?

Some will talk to their best friends. But who are my best friends? I have very very close and good friends. But not everything is easy to tell someone.

Any good listener out there?

I am one.

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