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Thursday, 15 July 2010

busy burning midnight oil



Ok now im pek chek. Cuz im packed the whole day. My presentation was postponed this morning. in the late afternoon, I have to rushed to uni to greet n socialize with a group of Taiwan students. Then me, Nathan n Poicia did a survey at Eastlake regarding the RM80 parking fee. Then went here n there, meet this n that department, everything has to do with SRC 1 la.. 7.30pm oni reached home. Zz..

So yea I didn’t enter 2 classes today cuz of the bee n the Taiwan students.

So yea im busy..

Cuz im rushing for assignment la. cuz i have transfer pics from camera to laptop n it takes so long! cuz I have to korek pics, send n send n send again to Tiffany Oon to apply for a job. Cuz I have to send nice pics to J-On for news. Cuz I need to reply to messages from students. Cuz I need to pack my begs as im going back to Penang tomorrow.

n i lagi pekcheck cuz someone is urging me to send her pictures of an event take took place last week by tonight!
Eee geram!! I don’t even have time to eat yet ok. haven’t taken my breakfast, lunch n dinner. I don’t have time for my assignments too. N I have to alter, edit n send you pictures meh. NO WAY lo. I have
tonnes of my own pics also no time to alter n edit. So.. hehe.. wait la ya. Sabar. will send on Saturday lah.

nola im not angry la. im not scolding u noe.. =p

Hmm.. things always suddenly pop up. so whatever you already planned will kelam kabut.

I must also say sorry to Cheryl la for 'keeping' her pendrive with me. haha. never see her in uni ma. when i c her, i lupa bawa pendrive..

My head is gona crack anytime soon. I can foresee what’s gona happen in this coming 3 weeks. PACKED! FLOODED with deadlines. BIG HEAD trying to settle some issues in uni. Haha.

Ok im gona follow Tiffany Oon Min-I’s footstep but a bit different. I’ll study every night before I sleep for at least 30 minutes. Very long right? Tq.

Shit! My leg has swollen! Right leg bigger than the left one. Now only  remember I haven’t take my medicine today. Yeala cuz I din eat anything yet ma. Whole day not at home.. okla gona go makan now, makan ubat, mandi den do assignmentsss. 2 to pass up, 1 is done. =p

mali sama sama minum kopi to stay awake.
Selamat mengisi minyak. Majulah sukan untuk Negara. Kurangkan kontroversi tingkatkan prestasi.

confirmed petrol price to go up

Woah! Petrol price hike again ah!

Fuiyoo.. very good leh. Yea ‘very good’. I don’t sound sarcastic enough ah? Good for the businessman la. they sure will increase the price of their products. They will say oh petrol price increase, so we also have to increase lo.

Not only petrol price ok. sugar price also will increase. Then everyone will fight for sugar. Then demand shoots up. Sugar price will become more expensive when demand is high n supplies are low.

Always hike hike hike. Naik baik baik. BN = barang naik kot.

I can assure you tomorrow you hear some news from the opposition. They sure gona oppose it.

but aiyah 5 cents only la.. yea not 50 cents. so if some of you feel it's acceptable, sit at home n enjoy your movies la.

Ok Kampar n UTAR people. You are cordially invited to flood all the petrol stations here. Please GO!! go n refill go n pump your tank FULL FULL!

If got BIG bottles bring along la to refill. =p


kissed by a BEE (part 1)

ok this is just to inform that i am fine..

just came back from the hospital.

the pain is terrible n unimaginable!

got an injection from Kampar Hospital. eating burger den medicine.

haven't tell my family, not gona tell. snall matter only kua, dun wana trouble them. but if it's serious, u ppl help me to tell dem ye. =p

body temperature suddenly shoot up. feeling so damn dizzy right now. gona black out anytime soon!

i forgot my way home just now..

what im worrying now is whether i can wake up tomorrow for presentation anot.

i duno..

i am so so weak right now seriously. hands are shivering.

my right leg where the bee stung is so numb. it has swollen. my left hand where the nurse inject me is so strengthless. i walk like Drunken Master.

im sorry if i cant make it for the presentation.

thanks for the concern friend. i love u. yes i do. tq.

gnite. bye.