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Thursday, 15 July 2010

kissed by a BEE (part 1)

ok this is just to inform that i am fine..

just came back from the hospital.

the pain is terrible n unimaginable!

got an injection from Kampar Hospital. eating burger den medicine.

haven't tell my family, not gona tell. snall matter only kua, dun wana trouble them. but if it's serious, u ppl help me to tell dem ye. =p

body temperature suddenly shoot up. feeling so damn dizzy right now. gona black out anytime soon!

i forgot my way home just now..

what im worrying now is whether i can wake up tomorrow for presentation anot.

i duno..

i am so so weak right now seriously. hands are shivering.

my right leg where the bee stung is so numb. it has swollen. my left hand where the nurse inject me is so strengthless. i walk like Drunken Master.

im sorry if i cant make it for the presentation.

thanks for the concern friend. i love u. yes i do. tq.

gnite. bye.

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