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Thursday, 15 July 2010

confirmed petrol price to go up

Woah! Petrol price hike again ah!

Fuiyoo.. very good leh. Yea ‘very good’. I don’t sound sarcastic enough ah? Good for the businessman la. they sure will increase the price of their products. They will say oh petrol price increase, so we also have to increase lo.

Not only petrol price ok. sugar price also will increase. Then everyone will fight for sugar. Then demand shoots up. Sugar price will become more expensive when demand is high n supplies are low.

Always hike hike hike. Naik baik baik. BN = barang naik kot.

I can assure you tomorrow you hear some news from the opposition. They sure gona oppose it.

but aiyah 5 cents only la.. yea not 50 cents. so if some of you feel it's acceptable, sit at home n enjoy your movies la.

Ok Kampar n UTAR people. You are cordially invited to flood all the petrol stations here. Please GO!! go n refill go n pump your tank FULL FULL!

If got BIG bottles bring along la to refill. =p


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