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Saturday, 25 September 2010

1 day 1 Ringgit

I am broke. I am getting poor.

What now??


I kicked off a personal project, "RM1 a Day" project on the 21st September 2010 with the main purpose, to generate more money!!

oh now i love money so much!

i am planting a "MONEY TREE" in my room. im gona pour it with lots of love, be hardwoking and discipline to 'water' it with RM1 everyday.

You know, I always simply put my money. SO my money is everywhere: on the table, in the drawer, school beg, plastic beg, in a container, pockets etc etc.

AFter some digging n koreking, i found some money. hehehe.

No money, nothing is talkable! 

one day one Ringgit, many days many-many Ringgits! 



I went hiking last week with classmates and a friend and the sunset is so magnificent.

hehehe pls pls click on the link to view larger and better photo. =p

QUOTE of the day

A bad and dirty government is going to end sooner or later.

Qi Zi 棋子

nice song. nice song. i like it.

This is the original version by Faye Wong.

and this is my favorite modified version by Abin.

Jing Si Aphorisms

The hardest thing for people to see is themselves.

~ Master Cheng Yen (Tzu Zhi)

RELEASE Cartoonist Zunar NOW!

I was so shocked when i read the news just a while ago.

Cartoonist Zunar is arrested under Sedition Act and his latest book Cartoon-o-phobia got seized by the police at 4pm just now.

The blue shirt men got nothing better to do??

this is what i have to say, in a SERIOUS TONE!

yeh! this is my country, i love my Malaysia. people speak, you arrest. people gather peacefully, u arrest. people wana draw also you arrest ah?? 

fuyooo! tax payers money being used so productively and effectively. 


1Malaysia? hahahah.. yea yea.. whatever la.. you can silent a man, but you can't silent its people. you can banned a book, but you can never stop the growing and dissemination of ideas and voices from the grassroots. 

i guess you will never listen right? up to u la, suka hati hang ye.. as if you'll listen. masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri.  

kalau tak buat salah, apasai nk takut orang mengata? jgnla kita gajah depan mata tak nmpak, nyamuk seberang laut pula nmpak..  

i had enough.