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Friday, 23 April 2010

i missed the train ='(


sad sad sweat sucks shit sohai!

and whatsoever vulgar words that you know la!


i was just 5seconds away ok!! i saw the train when i reached the station. i parked my bike, locked my helmet n i rushed to the train. But the train was moving! FINE! i almost jumped into the train but the conductor said no. I was numb, stood there, undecided whether to jump or not to jump into the last coach. at the end, i said by bye to the train!

u noe that kind of feeling. so near yet so far. i saw the train, it's just in front of me! but i cannot go in.


argggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! pissed off at myself!

i feel like jumping into the lake or or knock my head to the toilet bowl or hang myself upside town from Eastlake big tangki!

u noe wat people. I think i have a BIG achievement in my life. why?? i missed my bus once when I was comin back here to UTAR. i missed my first international flight from Thailand to Malaysia. and now i missed the TRAIN from Kampar to Kuala Kubu Baru. what next?!!

so what should i do now??

arrghhh! no no big boy don't cry. haha. i need to do something la. must get myself busy!

YOU are quoted

"If one day OCE didn't skip class dia bukan lagi OCE. Suruh Tiffany tidur sama lu then can wake you up mer."

~ Dexter Kaw Kuo Wen
~ 9.10pm 23/4/2010
~ via MSN


Hulu Selangor im coming!


here i go, on my way, everything will be ok..

im going to Hulu Selangor tonight for the by-election!


nyeh nyeh nyeh. train at 10.19pm. will b back on Saturday 10.49pm.

c u kamparian.

im all WET

late for 2hours

8am class.

6.40am alarm in hp rang. Too early. Slept back.

Then the story began!

I opened my eyes. Blink blink. Eh why so bright huh. I started to gabra and kalut. I grabbed my hp! oh shit!! No battery! My hp has shut off itself!

Damn! Rushed to my laptop. OH MY GOSH!


Arrghh! Im super late! Sms Sara to asked class finished already or not. No reply. sms Tiffany no reply. Luckily Ai Loon replied me.

Rushed again  like mad cow. Ok I didn’t bathe! What! Late already still wana bathe ar? PI LA. I just washed my face n brushed my teeth.

Reached class at 10am. Just before I enter the class, I say Chin Poh Nee walking out.

Oh no!! the class just ended!

Aih.. I apologised to the lecturer.

It didn’t intend to skip the class ok. ish!

My Eyes are still swollen.

akar umbi

Jaw dropped. Teeths cracked.

Heve you guys ever listened to the songs from Orang Asli? Never?!! try this!

This group is called AKAR UMBI! This Orang Asli group is awesome!!

But sadly to say the vocalist has passed away.

I have a dream.. to stay and learn and feel the life of all the tribes in Malaysia.

I'm gona do that before i die, to make sure their heritage won't died off, through my lense, pen, and my voice recorder.

wana listen to their songs?

just click

by the way, im a big fan of world music, oborigines music and traditional music.

Jeremiah 29:13

You will seek me and you will find me, if you seek me with all your heart.

~ Jeremiah 29:13