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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

into the FINAL

The public speaking competition has ended. And im just home, walking under the rain from uni.

Heheheheh. People im in FINAL!!

Wooohooo! Clap clap clap! Clap more. =p sorry im too happy. okok chill. Don’t show off. No no im not. Im just being expressive.

Im one of the 5 finalists in my category la. I got second placing, my senior, a lady got the first placing. Okla tu. im happy and thankful. The girl is good. Really good. No doubt. =p

Anyway im the only guy in the final lo. Final when I don’t know lo. Definitely it will be in next year la because this semester ends this week then exam d.

What a nice feeling to be on stage again and be the limelight of the competition. ahah.

In my previous post, I said no one will wears traditional clothe. IM WRONG! Oopps! Sorry. There are few girls who were wearing traditional clothes. 3 or 4 of them if im not mistaken. Only me the only guy with traditional clothe.

Tonight got pasar malam. LOK-LOK. But it’s still raining out there la.

Ok people good night.

Im too tired la. stay up the whole nite leh. exhausted. Starving. Feel like puking because of the air in my stomach. Pimples everywhere. Grrhhh.

But it’s all worth it la.

I’ll blog about the competition after im FREE la. this week is a real busy hectic stressful n kepala pecah week.

Thank you God.
Thank you ammi papa.
Thank you my lecturers.
Thank you to the person behind 120806
Thank you my JR January 2009 intake coursemates.
Thank you my JR seniors.
Thank you my friends from Penang.
Thank you my uni friends.
Thank you to the audience.
Thank you my coconut shell chain.

Thank you.

The Time Is Now

Pagi yang gelap, kini sudah terang.

The time is now..
Di sini masanya..

In just less then 2 hours, I’ll be up on stage. I think everyone of us will feel so proud to be up there…if we were to receive an award or a prize. But I think most of us will freak out and runaway if we were to ask to perform a show or to talk on the stage.

Do greatly or die badly.

I didn’t sleep the whole night. I spent it by memorising, practising n yelling when everyone else was having their sweet dream. Now I have a dark black eye ring under my eyes.  My throat feels so dry. N I am damn sleepy right now. very sleepy.

I feel like puking so badly due to lack of sleep. How interesting, im having diarrhea now. =p other then that, I keep pharting from my a** n my mouth because I ‘consumed’ too much air. I drink a lot of water n I pee every 15mins.

Thank you UTAR DSSC for calling me at 9.05am to remind me about the competition. I wont forget lah…

I went to temple early early in the morning. I asked for blessing n a peace of mind. well.. I need to calm myself down ma. Usually if im in Penang, I’ll pray at home before I go for a competition and a long journey.

Before this i was having dilemma on what traditional clothe to wear, Samfu or Baju Melayu. i never wear Samfu in uni but i don't have the pants. My Samfu look really awesome. =p At the end i chose Baju Melayu because the 3 judges are Malays. Maybe they'll feel impressed because a Chinese is wearing a Malay traditional clothe. After all, trust me, no one will wear traditional clothe except me. If got also, maybe ONE only.

I nk pergi dah. Ok im going out now. im wearing the lucky chain, that I always wear for the pass 3 years, made from coconut shell with the number ‘12/8’.

Let’s break their leg, break their hand and their head as well.

Are you ready?


QUOTE of the day

I/you/we/human don't repeat history but I/you/we/human CREATE history.

DIE again???

i just got a shocking news from my friend. a very shocking to the max 1. fuh..

few months ago, she dreamt that i got bitten to death by some strangers at the backlane.

n NOW!!

she told me that last night she dreamt of something bad happen in my public speaking competition.


what kind of dream is this?? why all so bad 1??


ahaha. i dun blame u la. i just find it so funny n shocking.

fuh. amitabha. thni kong. kuan im ma. ganesha. pls POPI tmr is a good day. =p