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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Loving Saturday

Saturday is filled with love, feel, fun, adventure, coolness, knowledge, humor n satisfaction, but with some bad luck, misadventure, tiredness, geramness, bad body odour, and an attack by big fat mosquitoes. Bittersweet masam masin n spicy. But it's a damn GOOD day with unforgettable memories and experiences! 

Had great food, great people, great scenery, great photos, great places, great outing, great day!


Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Thanks n LOVE YOU lah Adeline Wok, Kay Chua Chang Wei, Lee Pei Suang,  Tan Teck Joo, Ng Ee Theng, Tay Pang Chong.

God bless you.

Acceptance is the Key to Unity

To stay harmony and united under one roof in a diverse, plural and multicultural society like Malaysia, we need not only to be understanding, tolerance, respect or sensitive. The master key of unity is ACCEPTANCE. When you can open up your heart to accept differences, you'll eventually open up to the high possibilities for a sense of togetherness. Acceptance will gives us a better understanding, tolerance, and respect towards others. Let's celebrate our differences. That's what make us unique. We are different but we are all same-same. =p

那英 (Na Ying) - 出賣 (Chu Mai)

wahahah! tomorrow no exam! the next paper is a week after. so happy. the important thing is i can sleep soundly today without worries and stres.

tomorrow can go ronda, cari makan, snap pics, explore and travel. whee!

but hmmmm tired la. slept in the early morning this whole week cuz of exam. if too tired, i'll just chill at home la, do some house works, laundry and pack my stuffs.

anyway listen to this song n sleep. good one! Na Ying, one of my favourite lady singer. i love her voice. =p

i wana be good boy and sleep early. good night. tata.