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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Loving Saturday

Saturday is filled with love, feel, fun, adventure, coolness, knowledge, humor n satisfaction, but with some bad luck, misadventure, tiredness, geramness, bad body odour, and an attack by big fat mosquitoes. Bittersweet masam masin n spicy. But it's a damn GOOD day with unforgettable memories and experiences! 

Had great food, great people, great scenery, great photos, great places, great outing, great day!


Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Thanks n LOVE YOU lah Adeline Wok, Kay Chua Chang Wei, Lee Pei Suang,  Tan Teck Joo, Ng Ee Theng, Tay Pang Chong.

God bless you.

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