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Monday, 24 May 2010

say & do or do & say

We do when we don't say but we say when we don't do.

We say but we don't do, we do but we don't say.


You just do what you said la.

If you don't say anything also you must do what your heart says.

Or you do then only you say lo.


say and do or do and say??

moves on


I've made up my mind.

After floating no where in the air, single, alone and sad for 1 year 11 days and 18 hours..

im gona say bye bye to the past now..

at 6.35pm Monday 24/5/2010.

I determine and seriously serious in what i want to do.

I know i might change my mind. I know i might look back. I know i might reminisce. I know i might get emo again.

But.. Im taking my first step now.

My journey is still far away.

Why must i torture myself and ruin my life?

Im tired of walking with someone who's not there anymore.

The fight in this struggle is no longer meaningful.

It's not worth it anymore.

When you can't change the situation, you either take it or leave it.

I chose the second option.

You don't have to live in someone's shadow.

You own your own life.

And I have nothing to regret.

Because i had the most fastastically beautiful sweet loving love story before, at least for me.


Im moving on.

I am.

QUOTE of the day

'All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players.'

~ William Shakespere

it's nice to send my sister to school

Good morning.

AT this time, my sister is already in school.

I just sent her there.

Damn sleepy right now. SLept at 4.30am n mum called at 6.26am to wake me up. But i slept again till 6.45am.

Sister woke up so fast. No hanky panky no merengek merajuk. The waking up process was so smooth. She brushed her teeth. Sometimes she didn't. haha. I prepared breakfast for her. Combed her hair. Gave her RM2.

I remember it was so hard to wake her up back then. Then all of us will be late to school n i went to school with grumpy and sour face. Stress gila.

The last time i fetched her and my brother to school was in 2007 when i was still schooling in Form 6.

WHen im back in Penang, i'll pick her up from school when mum is busy.

It feels so nice to be a brother again, sending and picking up my sister from school. =p

ok i wana get back to sleep people.

Good night.

tonight without parents

What if one day both of our parents are not with us anymore? what you gona do? What am I going to do? Im still young. Im still studying n not in Penang. Who’s gona take care of my brother and my little sister?

I’ve always taken my parents for granted. I didn’t do enough for my family yet. My parents have been very tiring and struggling all this while in making sure we got enough food to eat, clothes to wear, leisure, basic needs and education.

I haven’t repay them. I need to. I want to.

An old lady told me seomthing today. She reminds me to always be nice to our parents. Appreciate them. respect them.

It’s true you know. No matter how rich you are, how smart u are or how loving you are to your friends and partner, parents are still the most loyal, most loving, most caring, closest and the persons that sacrificed the most in our life from the moment we are created. When the whole world turns down on you, parents are always there. no matter how hard our life is, they never complain, never neglect us, not a second.

Why im so sentimental tonight??

Cuz both my parents not at home tonight. Both of them are away. Away at different places for different reasons. And Im taking care of my sister for tonight and tomorrow. I just put her into sleep. Oni 3 of us, my brother, my sister n me at home tonight.

I feel kind of lonely tonight without my mum’s nagging and without my dad’s snoring.

Human nature huh? When we have something, we tend to less appreciate it. We tend to less think of the importance of it. But now when something is not there, we feel the lost. We feel the emptiness.

Im bad, im sucks in relationships. I don’t know how to express my love in the correct way. Sometimes I just hide my feelings. Im a failure. Im sucks in love. I’ve failed to show my love to my mum, to my dad.

I want them to know I love them. I really do. They are the best parents in the world. They are the best. Im sorry for being a naughty and not-so-obident son.