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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hypocrite Facebook users


What a hypocrite. Such a hypocrite! I see hypocrisy of Facebook users. What a faker.

In Facebook, eventhough you don’t know a person, they will come and add you. Most of the time, I just don’t care. I let it be. I won’t approve but I won’t ignore. I don’t want them to feel hurt if I ignore their request.

The issue here is why you wana act as if you know that person and add them?

I damn pissed with people who add me and then they never show their photos, not even their profile. Then how the hell I know who are you? If your information is so valuable and high profile, then no need add anyone la. Stay in your own world.


Okok please chill OCE. Please la, if you wana add anyone, at least let people see your basic information and photos. So that they know who are you ma.. and if you are good enough, send a FB message telling that person you know them, where you guys met or just say la you wana be friends etc.

OMG! I forget to mention that some people even lie about their names. They will put those fugly silly names in their profile. Some without English names will come up with some funny English names. Some will put celebrities’ names, cartoon’s names etc.

Aduih.. people, why are you so ashame of your own name??!!!

2 months ago, a girl added me and I didn’t approve. After a day, she sent me a FB message saying that she wana know me. I was like ok.. This kind of approach to know someone is so outdated la. a lot of people using this way when I was in Form 2, back in 2002.

Ok fine. That’s not the story. After we talked in FB message, I told her that I didn’t approve her yet because I don’t know her. After a moment, she cancelled her friend request. Hahaha. Walueh hipokrit betul pompuan nih!

And you know what? I feel so amused with some people. They criticized me openly in Facebook and now they are adding me. I wonder what’s their intention. Apa so bertaubat ka? Mau balik pangkal jalan??

Now, there’s another person adding me. I don’t know who the heck is her. I looked her profile and I found something so shocking.

It says “For those who wants to add me as your friend list, can you send me a message and tell me about yourself? I have no idea who you are and I'm not interest to check your profile. Thanks.”

Zzzzz… SPEECHLESS! Please look at yourselves before you say anything ok. Tq.

Why must we add so many people? Why must you have so many so-called friends in your Facebook? Are they friends anyway? For me they don’t deserved to be called as friends at all. For me these are all fake friends. What are friends? Friends are the one that you have their contact numbers in your handphone. You know what’s their names. You know where they stay and so on.

All these FB friends will never be there when you are in trouble. Just look at your friends list. Do you know all of them? Do they help when you need help? How many of them help you?

I know it’s good to reach out and have better networks but NEVER BE HYPOCITE!

I say all this not to show how exclusive and great I am by not approving anyone. This is a social illness that we are facing now. We spend whole day on Facebook. We talk to strangers who might harm us. We expose our information to the world.

Oh anyway I’ll say it again. I am not gona approve anyone who I do not know. I won’t. you can say I’m cocky or whatsoever you want. But that is me. Take it or leave it. This semester break im gona have a FB friends cleansing.

Oh im sorry if you (who are reading this) are that kind of person.