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Monday, 27 July 2009

i miss yasmin

Helo.. I feel so uneasy for not blogging this few days. I write actually. I write a lot these few days. Just that I din post it in my blog. Anyway im still in Penang. Im going bck tmr, 9am bus.

Right now at this moment, im watching Petronas advertisemnets. Yasmin Ahmad came into my mind. I miss her. I still couldnt believe that she has passed away.. i couldn’t hold back my tears. it's so hurtful watching someone’s work when the person has gone.

She’s not gona come back. no.. she wont.. MJ has gone too.. y one after anotheR? Y cant good ppl live a little longer? Dey will forever be remembered for their achievements and the message in every of their works which has touch our hearts.