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Saturday, 17 April 2010

back in penang

finally here i am, in my 'country', Penang.


interview eat tour shit sleep


straight into the toilet for 'business' after reached home.

must be the murtabak and the squid i had just a while a go.

i wanted to sleep just now at 9pm but i didn't. im still awake till now.


just when i wanted to go n sleep around 9.30pm, Poovan sms me. he 1 me to help him take pic of his interviewee for J-On. i ended up did the interview with him. fuh... im so hardworking rite.

then 10.30pm Tze Huey said she's going to eat Kuay Kak with Cynthia n Edmund. Cynthia called n ajak. i ended up eating Balitong, Kerang Rebus and Kuay Kak with them. But I was still hungry then.

Then Chin Eng the crazy one, as usual came up with crazy idea. Ride all teh way to Tapah. FINE!! we really did. Edmund and Cynthia with 70cc bike n i fetch Tze Huey. Wana noe our speed. 40km/h only. what a safe rider right?? =p

after we reached Kampar, we stopped at a mamak shop in New Town. i ordered Murtabak with overnight Squid and Susu Lembu.

The consequnces? Business in the toilet. Woahhhh... BIG BUSINESS OK!! now really tak larat and 'bolat'. stomach super pain.

ok i need to oink oink now. very tired. pimples everywhere. face so pale. i can see black rings at my eyes. skin so dry.

good night people. if anyone can wake up before 7.30am, please wake me up as well. i haven't pack my beg and my bus is at 9.15am. i need to find a transport to the bus stop.