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Saturday, 17 April 2010

back in penang

finally here i am, in my 'country', Penang.



  1. Hi future senior!

    I found your blog by chance. Anyway i will be heading off to utar kampar to pursue a degree in journalism course and was wondering if i could ask you a few questions about the textbooks you use and any particular stuffs i need for the course.


  2. er... hahaha hi. ur name? n how u noe im from UTAR Kampar doing Journalism by just reading this post?

    anyway u need nothing for that couse except for some KG of interest, hardwork, passion and faith. =p

  3. My name is Chester Chin. Well I googled utar journalism (I honestly believe google is the best invention out there after youtube and google translate)...and the class photo you took kind of came up. So yeahhh did the math and figure you're doing journalism.

    Lol no worries I'm not some deranged psychopathic killer =P

    So, are there any recommended reading materials? Perhaps The Elements of Journalism or The Elements of Style?

    Hahaha sorry for the intrusion! And thanks for the wonderful advice, very true indeed i've always believed that people with passion are the transcendent ones in society xD

    P.S: Sorry for the long comment.

  4. blog surfing.. miss penang so much. T------------T

  5. chester: so sorry 4the late reply. =p very good and detailed explanation. haha. anyway relax junior. don't get tensed up for nothing. chill. get here first then only think of what you need. it's not as hard as you thought and it's not easy either. You can get thru it la, don't worry. by the way, we are not using the 2books u mentioned. it depends on your lecturers.

    j-fish: haha. u surfed till my world. Penang Lang thumbs up!