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Friday, 12 August 2011

equal love?

I have a question.

Can both parties love each other as much as both do? I feel one party will love the other party more lo.

Got equal love one meh??



Today is 12.08.11? I remember exactly what happened 5 years ago on 12.08.06. I din plan, it just suddenly came into my mind. The time was 7.35am.

Well, whatever we do, we might not have a happy ending but at least we must try to make sure the entire process is worthwhile and we cherish every single moment together. =)

Anyway everyone has moved on. I've moved on more than a year ago.. No more holding on. I let go long time ago..

Black history let it remained as a nightmare. But the sweet memories, let's keep it in our heart. It doesn't mean that we live in the past but we just cherish the beautiful moments.

We continue our journey.. Not with the same person. Maybe alone. Or with someone else. =p