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Monday, 31 January 2011


2011 is gona be a GREAT year!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

camera passed away

In the name of Buddha, I heartbrokenly announce that Mr. Oh Chin Eng's beloved camera has passed away peacefully tonight after struggling hard to get alive since this afternoon. Sorry i've done my best. May you find a better life in the afterworld. I love u forever. You'll be remembered for your tiredless contribution. ='(

Friday, 28 January 2011

Let me say this..

Go la go far far all talented Malaysians. If the country don't appreciate and recognize ur talents and contributions, why must you stay? y u love a country that don't love u? leave for a place with more opportunities. u shud decide on ur own future, not the nation.

Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Facebook illness

People really got caught up in the cyber world and become alien in the real world. In FB, they can chat like as if they know each other for years although they actually don’t know each other. But in real world, they are wordless when they see each other. It's scary when human lost their human characters in the real world. This social illness and social disorder will only breakdown human relationships and tear us apart. As long as Facebook is still around, people will till then glued in front of their laptop, releasing their Facebook addiction.

QUOTE of the day

Our life is the creation of our mind.

fly away

This is just a reminder la. If it’s applicable to you, then use it lo. But I know I need this reminder so badly.

Don’t fly away after you have some achievement. Always be humble. Don’t get carried away. Stick to your true self. Don’t get blinded with money, materials and fame.

I think I fly off a little bit since I get so many appraisals. I’m so overwhelmed and touched you know.

People are happy with my achievements. I know.

This may be a test my the angkong. Hmm.. cannot! I must not be too proud and show off. I must work harder next time. I must remember where I came from and who had supported me and lend me help all this while.

I pledge that I’ll always be that humble OCE la. Really.. if I got off track, please pull me down.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

my blogspot = my newsroom

Bloggers are everywhere now.

Why people go into blogging? Some because they want to share their thoughts. Some they want to have an account of their life. And some just love to write.

I’m all of it.

I love news reporting. But as the Chairman of SRC, there is a lot of news that I can’t write for J-ON.

Later people say the news is bias ma. In news reporting there must not have conflict of interest one.

I talked to J-On chief editor just now. Hahaha. Yea she’s my boss now. You know what she said? She said if not because of SRC, I’ll be the chief.

Ahem.. nah.. she n another guy are good. Seriously.

Anyway she said that if I were the chief, I would be very stern. Whatever news that I say need to cover, they must cover. If the reporters say no, then there’ll be debate.

Hahaha. Kinda true on the debate part. And kinda true that I think when it comes to selection of news, I’ll be quite stern and stick to my decision.

It’s okla. I’ll make my blog as my newsroom.

I’m the reporter, photographer, and chief editor.

I’ll be responsible for what I wrote.

I write what I know, what I believe and what I want.

My blog is my newsroom.

QUOTE of the day

When you are hesitate, that's the time you'll lose everything.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Good Samaritan

Thank Lord, my dream came true. Finally after trying n trying, my photo came out in Thumbnails, The Star today. I'm hoping that at least once or twice a month they will publish my photo la..

2 photos not too much right..

no (nasi) Pattani lo..

Not going already la.

Too much to handle in one night.

If I were to go to Thailand, means I have to depart this morning.

Too much to give up and let go. I have responsibilities here. I have tasks to perform here.

Many things holding me back.

Furthermore, this thing is too last minute.

It’s not compulsory. It’s not necessary. It’s not a must choice.

I can say NO to it.

I’ll just pray that I’ll get the chance again next time.

I told my mum. She’s ok if I go Thailand. She didn’t stop me. She let me to decide myself.

Why last night I’m holding back and decided not to go?

1.       Because this news came to me too sudden. Too rush la.
2.       Because later at 6.30pm I wana go for UTAR 2nd Karaoke Competition 2011’s audition.
3.       Because I haven’t settle my Final Year Project title and Industrial Attachment application.
4.       Because I wana take pictures of the oldest house in Old Town Kampar before it’s being demolished.
5.       Because I have UTAR Ball meeting tomorrow night.
6.       Because I already promise someone to go back with her on Thursday night.
7.       Because I already bought my ticket RM21.60 back to Penang this Thursday night.
8.       Because I scared no more ticket back to Penang this morning.
9.       Because I scared no more trip to Hat Yai today.

Wah I give so many excuses to justify my decision!

Red Mob

This is to announce that UTAR Kampar will be flooded with blood color today.


You wana know why?

You come and see it yourself la.

Can't make it??

Then you just wait for the photos lo..

Don't worry, no police involved. No FRU involved.

It's peaceful.

林俊杰 JJ Lin - 记得 Ji de

Oh im falling in love with this song la. Ok, maybe can use this song for my audition. =p

Monday, 24 January 2011

Pattani: to go or not to go

I have a chance to add another colour in my life.

I believe that we should paint our own life and make it colourful.

But should I go or not?? It’s this Wednesday la.

And it’s in Pattani, Thailand! Yes I repeat again, Thailand.

Just now around 5pm I got an email from a friend in Thailand inviting me to AMAN 20th Anniversary Assembly and Interfaith Conference on Multiculturalism and Global Peace from January 26 to 28, 2011 at PSU, Pattani Campus.

I want to go la.

Eh this is a golden and rare opportunity ok.

It’s not always that you get this chance. And not everyone get this chance.

I like the topic as well. If I go there, I’ll be presenting Malaysia I think and I can bring out my opinions to the world. Chandra Muzaffar will be there as well as the speaker. My participation will help a lot in my resume too.

This is just the beginning of the year and I got this golden chance.

I feel so overwhelmed by the sudden pour of rezeki this month. So many good things are happening. I feel so, so encouraging and, and too blessed.

You can feel the presence from ‘above’ ok.

My friends ask me to go for it. Just grab the chance. Opportunities don’t always come.

Ai Chun said good things require hard work, sacrifices and persistence.

I know I know. I know I’ll regret if I don’t go. I also know I’ll regret if I go.

There is a price to pay.

There are pros and cons.

But, something is holding me back. Maybe because it’s too far and this news got to me too last minute.

I have a lot of things to settle leh. Have to consider a lot of things.

If I go Thailand, I have to let go a lot of things. Letting go is not really a problem but the problem is it’s my responsibility.

Money should not be a problem cuz I’ll get funding from the organizer.

Aih.. how ah??

Indecisive is a very suffering situation especially when you are stuck in between two important decisions.
Hmm.. I think I am going to Thailand la. Hehehe. Cuz I just rushed n speed like hell with my bike as if im going to end my life to tapao dinner, to reload my handphone etc.

Who knows I might change my mind later.


damn! got another golden opportunity to add another beautiful color in my life. but now hesitate to go or not..


fast fast! i need to decide by TONIGHT!!

QUOTE of the day

Life is so beautiful, u just have to start paint it yourself.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

YOU are quoted

Our prayers are answered not when we are given what we ask, but when we are challenged to be what we can be.

~ Soo Xian-Na
~ 23/1/2011
~ via FB

Saturday, 22 January 2011

emergency exit

you must be thinking about the emergency exit of a building right??

no no.

that's not the emergency exit i'm talking about.

i'm actually going back to Penang now due to some urgent matter.

this is the first time, i make a hasty decision to go back.

just decided yesterday actually.

i have to go back.

if not..

not good lo..

will be back to Kampar tomorrow night.

have to spend a lot on travelling again.

but what to do..

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Happy Thaipusam

Here i wish you all Happy Thaipusam!!

Thaipusam is not only about breaking coconut or go take kavadi la, but for me, it's about holding on to your faith, be a good person and...


to remember the poor as well lo. if you are going to temple or kuil, please bring along some coins to donate la k. thank you.

I am not taking kavadi this year. i am not going back to Penang this year.

I am now going to Batu Caves.


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

dead cat

feeling so bad right now.

it's hard to describe my feeling.

i just feel like tearing.

you can say i'm emotional.

but that's how i react everytime i see this animal died because of us, HUMAN!

my heart crashed into million pieces.

A cat just died in a horrific state.

it was rammed over by the UTAR bus.

its mouth was widely open bearing miserable pain with its intestines scattered all over on the road. the blood is still fresh on the road.

I took it and placed it at a better ground d.

this is the first time i met a dead cat in my university.

who to blame??

the cat, for not crossing the road properly?

or the bus driver, who rammed over it??


Monday, 17 January 2011

mau fight la!


apa tengok-tengok?!!

wa manyak hot now lo.

i duno why lo.

hormone imbalance is it??

im so in the mood for a physical fight right now seriously!

i feel like beating up someone or at least push someone down to the ground.

what, never see me so aggresive ah?

i can be very ganas one ok! kenapa, tak percaya ah?

eh, i'm a man too ok, there are times when man naik gila and act gila.

Right now, i really feel so hyped up and spiritedso hyped up, spirited for a boxing!

yeah! come on babe! come come till teh last man standing.

get me some small sized fella pls!

HOT ah!

n i tell u what i did to someone just now.

i already not in the mood tonight and he pissed me off.

there's this Malay boy, around 13-15yr old la.

He took his bicycle then he make the other bicycle to drop.

so fine, i quickly went over wana help him but before i reach him, he just left the scene, act as if nothing happen and let the dropped bicycle there.

out of sudden, i 'OIKKK' at him!

i was so loud and so fierce!

macam lion ok!

i stared at him.

he got a shock definitely la.

he made a U-Turn to put the bicycle in place again.

then i say it's ok it's ok and i put back the bicycle to its place.

and he kept on saying sori.

hahah! den i just laughed n laughed!

i didn't mean to scold him actually. and in fact that was not my bicycle. im just pissed off how can he just walk away like that.

but i really look like i wana give him a punch. haha. u shud look at his face.

ahhhh satisfied!

but rigth now i still feel wana punch something!!

anyone??? =p

YOU are quoted

"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the achievement, full effort is full triumph... "

~ Saravani Selvem
~ my classmate la
~ 17/1/2011
~ via FB

QUOTE of the day

Dare to say NO when you have to say no.

shaving time

all this while, everyone (i mean my close friends) always try to pluck my beard!


they love to do so lo.

and most of them are girls. why huh? oh jealous hor cuz they don't have beard like me?


Amirah always want to cabut my bulu.

they say it's not nice to keep beard.

i look old wor..

is it?

look old ma good la.

i think the reason i don't look good with beard and moustache is because i look messy in it and my beard is not thick.


i forgot to shave before the Orientation for the new students intake few days ago. Duno they notice my beard anot. ish ish ish.

nvm. i shave clean clean from atas ke bawah later lo.

tomorrow is first day of Year 3 Semester 1 already. You must always look good on the first day ok.

Vivien asked us again, "What to wear tomorrow huh?"

Normal question la..

anyway If ur beard and moustache long d must shave 1 meh??


Sunday, 16 January 2011


Don’t understand why some ppl so stingy to give a smile. So hard meh to smile. Smile only ma, can die meh?

EH i always smile to people one ok. it's some kind of greeting and respect ma.

Not that i wana show off or attract their attention la.

But it's normal la you smile to people.

when you don't smile, you really look not frienly ok.

so grumpy for what?!

wana show that you are fierce hor?

Go ciaksai la. Si bak bin!


*ok i duno y im so behsyiok. maybe i can't stand my new housemates. never once they smile. as if i owe them money like that. if not happy, don't stay here lah!*

i made it to buddhist camp (part 1)

Im glad I made it to Buddhist Camp organised by UTAR Budhhist Society. It was well-planned and meaningful. Although im a banana but the committee took the trouble to translate, explain n key in hanyupinyin for us. Campsite was like heaven bcoz no one backstab, lie, steal or pretend. Now, I know more about Buddhism. It has enlighten my lost soul. Somehow I think found the thing that I was looking for. I found peace.


Saturday, 15 January 2011

in 1 week

In 1 week:

Penang -> Cheras -> Gombak -> Cheras -> Kampar -> Ipoh -> Taiping -> Kampar

= lost weight, koyak, tidur mati.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Orientation well done. Speech ok kua. Meeting habis. Now rush to Taiping for camp. Will b out of contact until this Sunday, sorry if u can't get me.


anyway i feel so sorry n guilty for some people that can't reached me. i know i dissappoint them. it's my damn fault. damn me. aih..

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

QUOTE of the day

When you make mistakes, it's not enough to just say sorry. You have to fix the problem, compensate and never repeat it again.

Monday, 10 January 2011

lost in 2011

Today is like what, the 10th day of 2011?? But why am I feeling so lost, as if I’m already in the maze of 2011 for years.

I don’t feel comfortable with what I’m feeling now seriously. Seriously..

I’m back in Kampar already. Reached here late last night. While my other classmates still enjoying one more week of holidays, I have to be back earlier. There are a bunch of people also sacrificed their holidays to prepare for Orientation this week. Hat off to them. They are really dedicated in what they are doing.

Now back to my story. I feel so stress up la. Yea this is just the beginning of the semester. But with Orientation, SRC, events, studies, Final Year Project, Internship application, etc etc and etc, wah kepala boleh pecah!

I think what bother me the most is SRC. A lot of unfinished plans and things to be done. Hmmm..

The problem now is..


I feel so so lost. Moody.  I don’t know what I should do. I’m so clueless and helpless.

No ummpph! No inspiration!

HOW ah? How?

I need the KICK!!

I need to start working. But brain is not working. Time flies so fast. I can’t afford to waste anymore time. Chances have slipped away.


Oh, I feel like go into the ring for a fight now. Feel like punching someone and let someone punch me. I wana feel the pain lah. Really la. Is there any illegal fighting ring? Eh I wana join. When you fight, you can overcome your fear you know. Cuz u’ll be dare to face your opponent and challenges.

I believe fighting is a good way to train us to face our problems. =

2010 was a good year. 2011? Hmm.. what say you? I don’t think 2011 is a good year because I don’t feel it. But maybe tomorrow I’ll feel differently? So, if you feel it’ll be good, it’ll be good la. And if you want it to be good, you make it good lo..

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Saturday, 8 January 2011

It's time to go

Bye Penang.

I am going off now.

Going to KL for a social work and back to Kampar on Sunday night. Orientation on Monday, then go for Buddhist Camp on Wednesday in Taiping.

New semester resumes on Monday 17th January 2011.


see you Penang during Chinese New Year.


new year with big spending

Today is already 8th of January 2011.


I'm already in the year of 2011.

time flies really fast huh.

while now is just the beginning of the year, i can already foresee that this new year comes with BIG spending.

when i say big, it's really BIG.

why so.

because all my gadgets broke down and i need to spend a lot to fix it.

i lost my handphone.

my laptop broke down. hardisk crashed. all my datas gone.

my camera is ill. it'll be dead anytime soon.

that only about gadgets, i still have to spend on other things.

new semester fee will cost me about 5K. i still need to pay for rental fee, daily expenditures, travelling expenses, camping fee, Chinese New Year clothes, photography competition, this and that etc etc.

oh God..

I am seriously broke even it's just the beginning of the year. how to survive la. I have to cut down my expenses again and i always do it on my food. I eat less which i know is not a good thing.

Guess what my bank only left RM70.00

haha! the amount is not enough for 1 week also la.


later at 3pm i'll leave Penang. will only be back during CNY.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Just The Way You Are

nice song nice song!


Venue: Hock Teik Cheng Sin, Tua Pek Kong Temple,
Lebuh Armenian, Penang

Date: 8.10.2010

Time: 2.47pm


Menjalinkan hubungan sulit tanpa melibatkan apa-apa bahagian sulit adalah tidak menyulitkan kerana ia tidak menimbulkan sebarang kesulitan

Thursday, 6 January 2011

QUOTE of the day

True love is when your partner loves you for who you are and accept your past without much questions.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011



no no no no no!!

what should i do now.

Hardware crashed, datas corrupted, laptop spoiled.

I called DELL and the operator said there's no guarantee that they can rescue my datas!!

These datas are so important ok.

before this only the laptop's fan got problem.

Now, i can't even go into the window.


I have nothing left!

i haven't backup everything yet!!

im leaving Penang on Saturday. Can i get my laptop back by then if i send it to the computer shop now?

Camera spoiled, hp is lost, now my laptop..


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

KAY-ING lo..

Let me teach you how to be KAY-ING or how to pose WATTHETUT-LY.

Haahahaa. The best model is no one except Lee Pei Suang, the girl with the most interesting pose in the photo.

lalalalala. Woohoo!

*photo taken in Cameron Highlands.
*im too sien d. need to kacau ppl.
*don't kill me Rosemah Lee. =p

just a thought

When you already have new life and new hope, you can and you should just forget and let go your past.

QUOTE of the day

It's ok if your bf/gf is not the most handsome or prettiest person in the world, as long as he/she loves you.


I miss wearing pampers for my sister, Oh Poh Sim la.


she's 12 years youunger than me.

i took care of her when i was 12.

i changed her diapers, fed her, carried her around etc.

i miss those moments you know..

thumbs up to my Bro

I am really really proud of my brother la.

While today i help my mum to make steamboat, my brother who has graduated from a culinary art school and now working in the kitchen of Eastin Hotel, is making some kind of special dumpling.

I don't know what exactly it is but it's like glutinious rice ball or tang yuan.

The normal tang yuan don't have fillings but now my bro put some ingredients in the glutinious rice ball.

I saw crushed peanuts, shredded chocolate and cheese.

it looks delicious ok!

my brother is good in what he's doing lah.

what impresses me is his question to my mum.

he asks my mum to sit down and learn how to make this special food from him.

hahah! wow!

but my mum says since he's pro already, he should cook for the family.

my nosy and curious sister is helping and learning from my brother now. =p

by the way, home-made steamboat is yummy! =p

Monday, 3 January 2011

new year new things

new blog layout in a while! =p

funny article to start the year

hahahah guys i find this article funny lo.

you should read it lah!

it's from Wong Chun Wai, The Star newspaper.

click on this link:

Hoping for the new in 2011