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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

thumbs up to my Bro

I am really really proud of my brother la.

While today i help my mum to make steamboat, my brother who has graduated from a culinary art school and now working in the kitchen of Eastin Hotel, is making some kind of special dumpling.

I don't know what exactly it is but it's like glutinious rice ball or tang yuan.

The normal tang yuan don't have fillings but now my bro put some ingredients in the glutinious rice ball.

I saw crushed peanuts, shredded chocolate and cheese.

it looks delicious ok!

my brother is good in what he's doing lah.

what impresses me is his question to my mum.

he asks my mum to sit down and learn how to make this special food from him.

hahah! wow!

but my mum says since he's pro already, he should cook for the family.

my nosy and curious sister is helping and learning from my brother now. =p

by the way, home-made steamboat is yummy! =p

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