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Thursday, 27 May 2010

don't lock and shit

u noe..

when you shit, of course you must lock the toilet's door but not the master bedroom's door.

my sister was having his lunch.

suddenly she had stomachache.

so she went to shit before she finish her meal.

she used the master bedroom's toilet and she locked the room.

suddenly my mum's phone rang n the phone is in the room.


mum mum was banging the door.

forced my sister to open up the door.

but my sister was shitting half way.

hahaha. this is hilarious.

i don't know how my sister going to open the door while shitting.

at the end my mum got her handphone.

i think my sister opened teh room's door quickly and rushed back to the jamban before my mum went into the room to get her handphone.

hahaha. so people.

don't lock the master bedroom because you migth have to pause your shiting and that is not satisfactory moment of shitting,

Kata-kata Hikmat

Bukan senang untuk senang. Bukan susah untuk susah.

screaming for ice cream

"You scream i scream we scream for ice-cream."

Suddenly i thought of this. SOmeone taught me this before and until today I still can't say it smoothly. haha. She used to bully me cuz she's terror in this tongue twister. i wonder whether she still remember this.