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Saturday, 10 April 2010

empty in the heart

tonight is hot.

and it's kind of quiet. how's penang? or maybe i'm the only one who feel quiet and lonely.

i spent my night with my classmates and i just reached home, going out again after i post this.

they talked a lot. but i still feel everything is so quiet..

i can't feel the merrines n happines n crazines and what-so-ever-ness lah.

mood swings so fast.

something is wrong somehere..

most probably it's because of teh song i heard and the conversation i had with Ai Loon about our ex. ok ex-es.

i miss the feeling of being in love i guess. i miss the one i used to love. i miss the feeling of love and being loved. there are times when i need someone, more then a friend, a particular person to talk to. well, i think it's normal for a guy, especially someone who's already considered an adult, 22yr old, an active an social guy, and someone who used to be very loving and in a long relationship before to feel that way.

hmmm.. i'm not the guy that simply get a girl just because i need someone. NO! if i were, i would be doing it 1 year ago.

it has been quite long since i feel empty and lonely for being alone. that's why i try to be busy, as busy, as kaypo as much as i can.

tonight, is a very quiet n lonely night...

got to go. bye.

i don't like the effect of flashback and reminiscence. it's sweet n yet painful.

gym CLOSED?!!

ish ish ish! i just came back from the gym!

yeah i went to the gym but i didn't work out. why?!! cuz it's closed!! i wanted to go for the 5.15pm-7.15pm session but the guy said Saturday open until 5pm only. zzzzz!

eeee... i dah semangat kobar-kobar membara nak pi gain muscles manatau tutup!


life is always like that. you don't always get what you want although you have 100% commitment.

fine. nevermind. it's ok.

i'll go do laundry. then fold my clothes. clean my room. THROW AWAY EVERYTHING THAT Is NOt BELONGs TO ME IN 3rd floor.

YOU are quoted

"What do you get when you fall in love? You get enough tears to fill an ocean."

~ Tiffany Oon Min-I



im in deep shit!

im in BIG trouble!!

i went to withdraw money and then bank in my rental to my houseowner.

my eyes TERBELIAK TUATUALIAP when i see the balance in my account!

most of the students in UTAR Kampar will still have at least 5k but i have less then 4k!! difference of more than ONE THOUSAND!!

see la what should i do now?

i don't know how to survive till the end of next semester.

i used to do budget my then im too lazy n i overspent.

i know i have been spending too much, abnormal spending, 3 times higher than usual.

i have been travelling almost every weekends for the first 2 months.

i spent my money on travelling, books, food, petrol, backpack, bicycle repair, notes etc.

so sad lah...

from now on i cannot spend more than RM10 per day on food (i'll try lah =p). Less junk food. Must postpone my plan to repair my bike and buy household stuffs and utensils. Should cycle to school rather than use bike to save my petrol money. Cannot go jalan-jalan n ronda-ronda that often anymore (as if i can do it).

But i want to watch movie la especially Ice Kacang Puppy Love by Ah Niu. And i can't stop myself from buying books and makan.


people, u better berjimat cermat before u POKAI KOYAK n KERING!

selamat pagi

bangun pagi
gosok mata
buka laptop
tengok facebook

ahaha. never though that i can wake up and not sleep again this early morning. wheee...

let's see whether i can finish up my report before i go to class at 9am later.

anyone wana go for dim sum with me?? want ah want ah? i need to eat if not i'll be landing on my bed again. =p

Annek burger satu

hungry leh.. u hungry ah people? i am so hungry!

i had a nice vegetarian dinner just now. the aunty gave me free dish. ate too much then bloated.

but now suddenly so hungry. beh tahan!


dating with the stars

hahah people! let me show u the pictures i took with ADELINE WOK at Jalan Mati last night!

wooohooo. a lot of stars n fireflies! haha.

*this is the first time i attach so much photos in a post. ayoooo so leceh n troublesom la. so damn slow! ish.