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Saturday, 10 April 2010

empty in the heart

tonight is hot.

and it's kind of quiet. how's penang? or maybe i'm the only one who feel quiet and lonely.

i spent my night with my classmates and i just reached home, going out again after i post this.

they talked a lot. but i still feel everything is so quiet..

i can't feel the merrines n happines n crazines and what-so-ever-ness lah.

mood swings so fast.

something is wrong somehere..

most probably it's because of teh song i heard and the conversation i had with Ai Loon about our ex. ok ex-es.

i miss the feeling of being in love i guess. i miss the one i used to love. i miss the feeling of love and being loved. there are times when i need someone, more then a friend, a particular person to talk to. well, i think it's normal for a guy, especially someone who's already considered an adult, 22yr old, an active an social guy, and someone who used to be very loving and in a long relationship before to feel that way.

hmmm.. i'm not the guy that simply get a girl just because i need someone. NO! if i were, i would be doing it 1 year ago.

it has been quite long since i feel empty and lonely for being alone. that's why i try to be busy, as busy, as kaypo as much as i can.

tonight, is a very quiet n lonely night...

got to go. bye.

i don't like the effect of flashback and reminiscence. it's sweet n yet painful.

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