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Saturday, 10 April 2010

dating with the stars

hahah people! let me show u the pictures i took with ADELINE WOK at Jalan Mati last night!

wooohooo. a lot of stars n fireflies! haha.

*this is the first time i attach so much photos in a post. ayoooo so leceh n troublesom la. so damn slow! ish.


  1. Oh my god! How did U do that? especially from d 5th pic to 11th pic? How??? How did U do to get them? I'm speechless... tho I hv to say U r so creative la! *screaming* ops... hehe..^__^ - miss A

  2. hahahaha. halo!! long time no c lah! how r u?!! anyway thx for the comment. hehehe. i like the pics too. u come here, i teach u. =p

  3. Hahaha... I'm doing good eventho now i'm kinda pretty busy searching n surveying for a new camera. Any suggestion? Planning to buy a new one with the lowest price. hehe... But yeah, I'm still impressed with ur pics for this time posting.. so don't know what 2 say.. hahaha.. N I can see ur name there too, OCE... haha ^__^ - miss A

  4. new camera? wooooow! best best! if u 1 cheap camera, definitely must get it from Penang la. seriously. n u 1 branded camera? or cheap and good one? any specifications?