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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I am a bananaman.


Because I'm a Chinese but I can't read Chinese.

I feel really ashame of myself.

Malu besar, kemaluan tak besar sangat lah..


Language or mother tongue is the pride of your people and your root.

What is it to be a Chinese but you can't read Chinese?

Ok i am not that bad la, at least i can speak and understand Chinese language and I know about the history of Chinese, our cultures, beliefs, practices, taboos and so on.

Some even worse, they duno anything about themselves and they proudly speaking like the British.

Okla nothing is wrong but i feel as a Chinese, Malay, Indian, Iban or Penan, you MUST know your own mother tongue.

I learnt the language before in primary school during kelas tambahan, but the 1 hour lesson few days a week is just not enough.

Now i forgot everything i learnt.

Thanks to my sister, girlpren and thanks to UTAR, i can speak mandarin fluently.

But of course i don't understand the Chinese canggih words.

Now i want to learn to write and read. I'm 24 this year, not so old if we have the will to do it.

Google Translate can be handy at times but it sucks man!

SOmetimes u just duno what the heck it says.

Like now, i want to translate 'i want to learn Chinese language/mandarin' also so problematic.

I have to translate word by word and then verify it with certain websites.

aduih.. bodoh betul aku.

Language is so beautiful when it's able to connect people around the globe.

By the way my name is  胡进荣