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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

i know


Tuesday, 29 June 2010

WHAT src?! Part 1

I really dun have idea what r the students thinking. Students always complain. When comes to SRC election, they say SRC is useless and they never go n vote. How do u expect things to change when you only sit there and complain and do nothing. SRC members are students like you too. SRC members get nothing but the blame. Students mentality must change in order to change the whole environment in UTAR. So stop blaming SRC or management when you din even play your role as a student. One party can’t change the system. It’ll only happens when everyone comes together and participate in it.

View of Taiping Lake Garden (3)

hehehe click on this link to view a larger photo.

YOU are quoted

"Remember, the day that you believed you have reached your fullest potential is the day you HAVE NOT! Cos you still have today and you guys can do so much more!"

~ Kenny Mah
~ 29/6/2010 11.08am


Remember. You are not Oh Chin Eng anymore. You are not only responsible for yourself but also to your assignment group, your team, your voters and your university. No matter what you do, you are being watched. You have to take care of your actions, words and personality. You are a public figure now. Reduce any mistakes please.. if you were sucks, its ok. forget about it. Now be a better person! Future means more than your past. Always stay calm and rational. Be firm in your decision.

Monday, 28 June 2010

reminders from Sara

Sara came. And guess what. I was half naked, covering my lower part of my body with towel.


Malu la. haha. anyway im so happy to c her. So long never really talk to her. I miss her la. yes I miss you Sara! =p

We chit chat. N I got 3 reminders from her tonight.

1) She’s not gona ask me why im sad but who’s sad because of me. yea she’s right bcoz I just hurt my friend today.

2) I dun have gf not because im busy but no girls like me. ouch! That’s hurt. =p

3) I must wash my legs then only can enter her house. Ayoo lecehla. Can I just wash my legs from my house?

jog under the rain

Im WET! Yes I like it. YES!
But im just partially wet la. not fully wet also. aiyah. Sien nia.. Tak syiok la lidat!

I wana be wet, totally wet from head to toe.

I just back from jogging actually. It was a VERY random one. After class, I went to get a bottle of soya drink, a very expensive one by V-Soy.  I was so desperate for soya. I duno y. I just wana get drunk with soya at that time and then sleep. But how in the world soya can make me drunk la. GILA!

So fine. Den I saw my classmate, Jing Wen. She wana go jog jog. But suddenly the rain poured heavily and she wana go home. Haha. so I said to her, come let’s jog together. Yes let’s jog under the rain.

Yea yea crazy blab la bla whatever.. lalalalala la la lolu lululu. Crazy people always have crazy n creative ideas in their mind ok.

Woohoo! It was like a dream come true-to play water. N I jogged for the second time in this semester. n I jogged under the rain man for the first time!! Fuyoooo!

I dragged Jing Wen along. She was like wat the tutttttttttttt, y im running under the rain?? Hahaa. I yelled, I screamed, I sang loudly like no one’s business. I wana get out all the stress, unhappiness, geramnes, guilt and joy out of me. I ran for a very long distance, from Westlake to Jalan Mati, to UTAR then to Westlake.

But im not tired la. I just wana get tired..

And the RAIN! Eeeee! Why la u so shy Mr. Rain? Why u malu-malu kucing. Shy shy for wat! Come on la. Rain big big ma. We dun mind u noe. Im happy if u rain big big. I asked u to rain big big right but why u stop half way? Not sporting la u… nvm 1 la if u rain. No one will blame u, u noe. Next time rain big big k. =p

I was hoping the rain will be a BIG one. As big as the wave or the water from my shower. You know.. like one big gush one water pour on your head. Waaaaaaaa.. nice!

I dun mind if you wana bring a bucket of water and splash on me. wow! It’ll be so much fun! =p

So yea we jogged, we walked, I ran backward etc from before the sunset until after the moon rise. Wow! Means from the daytime till now, night time lo. Under the rain for an hour lo.

Im not exhausted yet you know. Im still physically fit. YESH! What is wrong la.. emotionally exhausted is not enough la. come on someone please make me tired.


Aih.. Okla wana go bath syiok syiok, send pics, den tido., dun wana tink of anyting at all. Gnite. C u tmr. Tata.

View of Taiping Lake Garden (2)

The picture is quite large la. So i post it in another blog. Click to view

View of Taiping Lake Garden (1)

Finally finally finally! I went to my dream travel destination in Malaysia, Taiping Lake Garden. I tell you, the place is damn nice and serene. Peaceful n calm. seriously it's a place for pensioners. =p


today is the day.

i know it's Monday.

but today is more than a normal Monday.

today is a good day.

today is gona be a good day.

UTAR Kampar SRC 2010/2011 Election Results will be out today.

I don't know what time.

I don't know how they gona announce it.

And i definitely don't know who's gona win.

I wish EMPOWER 5 all the best la.

Don't worry be happy. =p

QUOTE of the day

Some people will just be in your life for a second. But a second also will make a big difference. So appreciate that very one second because that person might not appear in your life again. Make that one second significant and memorable.

all in one

Im so sleepy… so so sleepy. Neslo Ice is not helping at all. Eyes half-opened. =p

cannot sleep la. some of you will thought that it's because of the BIG day tomorrow but nola.
im rushing a report for Political Philosophy now. must pass up tomorrow. =p

What to do. Really no time to do ma. Really really busy. can’t slot in time for assignment. Hehee. I wana go back to Penang ok but Kampar makes me so busy.
I just had a burger for dinner.

PUAS. Maximum satisfaction.

Washed my clothes but tak larat mau pi gantung hang hang la.

I wish I can pause everything around me just for one day. Yes one day is enough for me. then I wana spend time for me alone. I wana do whatever I wana do. I wana rest puas puas.

im happy you know. Im happy for myself. im happy for my friends. Most of us are so busy this semester. we are busy. Yes we are. Not only with assignments but other activities. And for me, as usual la. OCE always boh eng ma. =p

tonight I helped Pei Suang, as a photographer for the Auspicious Night organised by Buddhist Society. and tonight I talked to a friend. Yea a friend. A friend that is gona leave soon. In fact she left UTAR Kampar already but she came back for Buddhist Night. tonight is the last time I met her n I talked to her face to face. I have so much to say to her but.. words are stucked. I wish her all the best n only the best in her life. I thank her for her help and for her presence in my life.

Tomorrow will be a good day. Tomorrow will be the day where I’ll know the election’s results.

I enjoyed each and every second, every moment now. life will be meaningless without you people. Thanks a lot.

God bless you. Kuan Im Ma also popi you. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.

i am touched

it has been such a long time since OCE cried. tonite tears jz flow bcoz im touched. im so touched. im touched by the perfection of Buddhist night. im touched by the hardwork of everyone. im touched because my good friend, Lee Pei Suang did a SUPERB job. im touched bcoz i noe i've did my best in election. im touched bcoz friends of JR r so DAMN supportive and helpful. im touched bcoz EMPOWER never give up.

i am touched bcoz i can see wat i see, i can hear what i hear, i can feel wat i feel.

143 ppl. tq

Sunday, 27 June 2010

YOU are quoted

'For change to come, some one must be brave enough to make the first stand, to take the risk.'
~ Tiffany Oon Min-I
~ from

Saturday, 26 June 2010

im a bird bird

i am a small small little tiny bird bird. i wana fly fly fly up high. i will do my best to see the world. =p

peace..for tonight

after all those huhah, tonight i wana sleep syiok syiok!



im now in Ipoh.

together with Rachael n Tiffany.

what a good night..

ate a lot, bloated up, feel like vomitting.

i think this is the first time since i study in Kampar, i had so much fun in Ipoh where i eat n eat n eat n eat n im happy.

im out from Kampung Kampar.

heading to Taiping and Pulau Pangkor tomorrow.

good nite. tata.

Friday, 25 June 2010

丁噹 (Ding Dang) - 我是一隻小小鳥 (Wo Shi Ee Zhi Xiao Xiao Niao)

SONG of the day

This is a very old song i used to listen to when i was a kid.

n now im listening to it again..but from a diferent singer with different style, different power.

She's Ding Dang. the singer of Autumn Concerto's theme song. she has a very unique voice. you know serak-serak basah.

The song gives me inspiration n SEMANGAT!

it makes me sad as well cuz it really touched my heart.

it tells a story of someone who's like a little bird, tries to fly high, to achieve dream.

I, too am a small small little tiny bird. i wana fly fly fly up high. i will do my best to see the world.


Thursday, 24 June 2010

i am the HERO



cuz i just saved TIFFANY OON MIN-I from a COCKROACH! or u call u LIPAS. KACUAK la!

lalalal lalala alalalala  lalala =p

she was bathing half way when she saw the kacuak.

i was having my dinner.

she called!

n u noe wat?!!


smack her ah!

i should let the kacuak sleeps with her tonight. hahaha..

she was screaming, yelling, jumping up n down, running here and there.


the whole house can hear her voice.

as if a guy is trying to R her. hehehe..

n her room!

WOW! like kena pecah rumah! tornado in her room. hurricane ribut taufan and leongfan, damn messy la.


yea that's Tiffany Oon. always look scary huh. now i know how to kenakan YOU!

you better jaga.

oh ya, i catched the kacuak with plastic beg n i hang teh plactic beg at the door handle.


QUOTE of the day

"Trust yourself and you will be trusted."

~Cheong Jing Wen
~23/6/2010 1.17pm
~via MSN

thank you sorry

thx a lot for those who help out all this while in the election. you know who you are. there are too many to mention it here. i am really thank you to all of u. i can't repay you with money but if u guys need any help n i can help you out, just let me know. i know i always say YES right. ehehe. Thanks also to the support from friends and students. God will bless you people.

sorry from the bottom of my heart if i've said smtg that offended anyone. i am sorry if i said n used wrong words. i am sorry if i am not that smart than you people. i am sorry if i misinterpreted or misunderstood your meaning. im sorry if i was too aggressive. i dun mean to downgrade, condemn, insult or scold anyone. this is a game. when it get heats up, anything can happens. im not perfect. im just like u. but my intention is clear. all the candidiates just wana improve the students lives in uni.

i go for election not to be popular. im not handsome, how to get popular., n why i wana waste my time, energy, studies and money to be popular. i have better things to do la.

let the past be the past. mistakes are mistakes. friends r still friends.

i know some people out there will praise me. n some people also will critisize me. it's ok.. it's their right. freedom of speech ma.

after this election over, i'll blog n share my experience from the day i decided to run for election until the day i get the results.

one thing i can tell you. it is FUN! i learn a lot of things. it's an experience that you'll never get if you are not in my shoe.

i remember a SRC member told me last week, she said "it's the experience that matters the most."

thanks and sorry to my teamates, seniors, juniors, classmates, friends from Penang, lecturers, helpers of EMPOWER, candidates of OPEN, NGOs, the SRC members, strangers, students of UTAR, mum, God n anyone or anything that i forgot to mention.

Thank You. Sorry.


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

campaigning period is over

Im home. just back from class.
Campaigning period is over.


Everyone is so relieved now.

Im free.

But tired.

Members from two teams become friends. No grudge. No hatred.

It’s just a game.

Im glad it’s over.

Tomorrow it’s the voting day. It’s up to u people wana vote or not.

Im not the best. So u choose the leaders that u think are good la.

I wana have a nice sleep tonite.

But aduih..

Have to rush 2assignments tonight. N I wana watch myself in Age of Glory 2. Hehehe.

When I was so happy and glad that everything is over, I received and saw n read a very negative article on me on FB the time i reached home.

Yes sakit hati yang teramat sangat,

Im speechless.

But its ok.
I am Chin Eng. I dun do dirty things. If I did something wrong im sorry. But if I dun, I wont bow down. That’s me.

Those who know me personally know who the real me. I dun have to say it here.

People love to judge and comment on something even though they duno the whole story.

Im a public figure now. I believe in transparency. So no hiding. I accept whatever you people say.

All the best to all the candidates.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

dramatic day

hi friends.

well i duno how to start this post.

i din want to blog until my cmapus election is over.

but i guess i have no choice but to blog at this very moment.

a lot of things happened today. and you know, im having FUN! yes im tired but im not stress like yesterday.

it is such a DRAMATIC day. n i feel HOT n SEXY. woohoo!

i had a PC. Press conference!! ahaha.

today is the second day of campaigning.

and u know what?

we might get disqualified.


yes why...

im not gona tell you why now until we get the confirmation from the Election Secretariat tomorrow.

but EMPOWER is ready. we are fine if we are disqualified. it's ok.

we still stick to our principles

God bless us.

We in or out, we'll still continue with our fight, our mission, vision n manifesto.

EMPOWER is not gona lingkup.

Day 1 of campaigning

Yes, as you people know im running for the campus election in my university.

3 days of campaingning n i can tell you it's NOT easy.

Today is just the first day. We have to introduce ourselves and our team.

2 more days to go before we can relax a bit and leave it to the voters to choose their leaders.

But of course i hope they can choose the 5 of us from Empower. =p

This article is from J-On, a news portal by Journalism students from UTAR Kampar. Read it because seriously it is nice, as if it's written by some political analyst.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

many-things-to-do list

Sunday supposed to be my off day you know..

Sunday is our off day.

tired la. we are tired. everyone is so tired.

everything seems so smooth.

but tomorrow anything can happens.

hehehhehehhe. nyeh nyeh nyeh!

so ladies and gentleman, what's pur menu for today.


1) do laundry

2) clean my room n common area

3) cut my hair

4) go to temple

5) buy new formal shoe


7) sticking n pasting campaign materials again.

8) Empower 5 last meeting before the war begins tomorrow.

9) lastly SLEEP LESS.

tiring but exciting

Good morning!

It feels so nice to wake up on Sunday, a day without class but weather in Kampar is killing everyone. I woke up then I was like ok fine, just stay awake la.

And now, im blogging. I have to abandon this blog for a while. =p

This week has been such a tiring and yet exciting one.

I woke up because my mum called me. I feel so happy to get her call. So long never talk to her. I feel better and stronger in whatever im going to do after listening to her voice. I miss home. When everyone balik kampung for father’s day, I’m stuck here in Kampar for campus election.

My mum called to tell me that my scene in a tv drama Age of Glory 2 in NTV7 will be aired tomorrow. it means I can c myself on TV tomorrow. haha. it’s a scene where I destroy a stall because im a triad member. =p

By the way tomorrow is the first day of campaining for campus election. Next week will be the last week of busy week. Then im free. Then I can put aside politics for a while until they announce the results. Then I can fully concentrate on my assignments and studies. =p

Yesterday me and my friends and helpers of Empower went to uni to past and stick our campaign materials. we started at 4.30pm n OT until 8pm. woah.. sticking n pasting are not an easy task.

Thanks for everyone who came n help out. Thanks. A big thanks from me n Empower.

Now I really feel how the politicians feel when they are in election.

Now I know what kind of questions the reporters will ask and how to answer them.

Now I know how bad is the system.

Now I know we can still make a change.

Friday, 18 June 2010


4 more days to go before campaigning for campus election in UTAR Kampar. =p

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

QUOTE of the day

When you are already on the race, you must fight hard until you get what you are fighting for and no compromise for it.

Photos of Group G match Brazil vs North Korea

No photos here.

Click for photos at my second blog.

go go BRAZIL


who support Brazil?


who don't support Brazil?

i duno know.

go go Brazil!

tonight got match. but i duno Brazil versus who la.

match at 2.30am.

i got clas at 8am.

haha! nvm!

this is the first match of World CUp that im gona watch. n it's Brazil. n im watching with seniors.


camera is ready. =p

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

im in Age of Glory 2

Age of Glory 2.

Phewwit! Woot woot!

Finally this drama is out in NTV7 since last night, every Monday to Friday at 10pm.

Believe me or not?

 Im in the drama. Haha. yes I am.

I was so happy when my mum called my last night. I’ve been so busy until I didn’t call back home. That was the first time I listen to her voice ever since I came back to Kampar 3 weeks ago.

“Your drama started already.” That’s the first thing she said.

I was like huh? Then I smiled and laughed. Haha. she n my sister must be waiting anxiously in front of the square box to see my acting.

It’s a great experience to be in the production. I know im just an extra but it’s ok. I appeared a few times. A few scenes. A few characters. And it’s a prominent one. From triad member to hawker to passenger and to Chingay troupe member.

It’s a must watch drama. Not because im in there but because the drama is good. The storyline is good. The songs are nice. And the story has to do with our history.

And i saw my photo in 'the making'. I was half naked. hahaha. See you peopel can guess la my skinny boney sexy body. Go to ntv7 website to know more about this drama.

I must watch it tonight, no matter what.

But I duno which episode im in wor..



Be clear of what you wana do, don’t mix and do two things together.It’s unfair for yourself and others. Organised and manage your time properly. Things will work better in that way.

Lecture Today

Topic: Analytical

Lecturer: LPC

Monday, 14 June 2010

YOU are quoted

"If you want to improve the system, use the opportunity that you have, don't just complain. If you don't use the opportunity, you never participate, you don't have the rights to complain."

~ Dr Santhidran a/l Sinnappan
~ Assistant Professor, lecturer for Political Philosophy
~ 14/6/2010

im running for campus election

Good morning Kampar. Good morning Penang. Good morning UTAR. Good morning world.

What a cold morning. You can fell the chilliness till your bone.

By the way, from the title of this post, I think you already know what is the content.

Yes, me, I, saya, wo is running for campus election. I’m standing for the post of Chairman. I’m not alone. There are another for four people in my team. I will post their names and posts in another post.

EMPOWER! That’s the name of my group. This is it. The time is now. This is the time where the students should arise and make themselves heard. We have enough of ‘no’ from the management. We are fed up facing the same problems over and over again and there’s still no solution. Empower is a not just a group for campus election. It’s more than that. It’s a student movement. We’ll turn students complains into actions. Students must know how and where to articulate their rights and power. This is a new beginning for students in UTAR.

So yes basically I am a so-called politician now. I am a now public figure in my university. Things are still the same except that you have to really take care of the way you present yourself in the public. But Oh Chin Eng will still be Oh Chin Eng.

For the past 2 weeks, me and my teammates and helpers have been cracking out our head, burning midnight oil to prepare for this campus election.

This campus election has occupied most of my time. I personally have less time to read online news. I don’t even have a proper time to eat, to bath, to poopoo, to sleep and for other activities. I didn’t update my blogs. I seldom chat with my friends. Less time on FB. And the most amazing thing I did is I have abandon my wife, the camera. =p

Now I can feel the life of the political leaders. It’s tough. There was once I slept at 5am n woke up at 7.30am. ahha. Im killing myself I know. Health will deteriorate a bit. But nvm la. it’s all worth it la.

All the best for my team and the helpers, volunteers, supporters and friends.



a little announcement

Friends n supporters, it's time for me to announce that i am running for UTAR Kampar's campus election as a chairman. My group, Empower is more than a SRC, it's a students movement that listen and work together with you. Join me as this mission is not for me, it's for us. BE PART OF THE MOVEMENT.

Sunday, 13 June 2010


This is what people will question the leader:

If you can't speak in front of 5 people, how are you going to speak with a crowd of 500 people?

sudah SHAVED













QUOTE of the day

"Life can knock us down, but we can choose to get back up."

~ Jackie Chan
~ in the movie 'The Karate Kid'

Barack Obama's Iowa Caucus Victory Speech

Saturday, 12 June 2010

YOU are quoted

"A person's personality tells you how much you can trust that person."

~ Dexter Khaw Kuo Wen
~ 12 June 2010


Friday, 11 June 2010

wet for pizza

i am back! lalalalala lalaa la la li la tam pom!

wa tak mau makan apom!

it has been so long since i really blog. my blog has been so dull for this whole week.

since today is Friday n i dun have class tomorrow n i dun have any meeting tonight, so let's BLOG!

Furthermore, Nixon said boring cuz so long i never update my blog already.
i was so busy ma. i am still very busy.

it is wow cuz this is just the second week but me n my friends are so busy already since week 1.

Pei Suang is busy with Buddhist Society, Amirah is busy with Asian Cultural Society, Tiffany is busy with church activites n im busy with E_ _ c _ _ _ n.
anyway i had Pizza with Vivien, Tiff, Mira n Rachel.

WE so semangat nak makan Pizza Hut.

went to teh shop with Tiff. suddenly hujan. we wrapped the food n our belongings with plastic beg and we ride under the rain.

haha syiok man. berbasah sebab kempunan makan Pizza Hut. Pizza Desperado.
haha we are teh crazy bongeek bunch of people!

oh ya first match of World Cup is tonight right? good la. go watch. but don't bet. don't corrupt the sports. let the true spirit of sports to alive.

im going to have assignment discussion later at 10pm and TIDUR!!

im so damn tired. i must get all the rest i needed. must reguvenate myself. if not, belum mau fight sudah KO.


QUOTE of the day

You must believe in yourself first before you want people to believe in you.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

YOU are quoted

"The mind of a person is the action of the whole."

~ Derek Bong
~ 9/6/2010 10.28am

YOU are quoted

"Once you run for election, you are subject yourself to political judgement. Be ready with public judgement. Let the public judge you."

~ Miss Por Heong Heong
~ Political Science lecturer of UTAR
~ 9/6/2010

QUOTE of the day

One day your live will flash upon your eyes. Make it worth watching.

~ someone unknown

i am Chin Eng but i always boh eng

both 'chin eng' and 'boh eng' are Hokkien words.

chin eng means very free.

boh eng means not free.

so my name, Chin Eng can be interpreted as very free.

but HEY!!

i mana free.

i'm always BUSY!

KAYPO here and do.

DO this and that.

HELP this and that.



nola. im not chin eng. but im boh eng.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Good morning!

My kepala hotak is so painful now. im so blur. I talk like a retarded person. Every words stumbled.

I slept at 5am yesterday and woke up at 7.30am this morning. Im doing self-damaged to myself. this is crazeee. Not that I dun wana sleep but how to sleep when works are not done. Don’t say I do last minute work. I DIDN’T. I know I didn’t. I gave all out, put so much efforts, spent time n money in what im doing now. n im not doing it alone. It’s a teamwork. That’s why we need each other. It’s also not about bad time management. When you already plan to do something, it’s not always that you can finish it in the period of time. Problems arise. Different ideas poured in etc.

I was waiting for a file from a friend. I’m a perfectionist. i want everything to be as perfect as possible. He sent the document for me, I edit n he re-do again. besides I feel bad if I go sleep and I let him do alone. Im not that kind of person who only gives instruction and never work together la.

I feel so relieved after settling everything. After a photoshoot n an interview with the lecturer for J-On this morning, I sent the documents n files to my friends in Penang. They are working their best there. thanks Chee Leng and Danish. Then I took a long nap till now since I don’t have class today. No meeting tonight. I just have 2 write-ups to be done.

Haha. headache, bodyache n hungry now. Now it’s time to eat. I feel like eating BESAR-BESAR! Cuz im happy la. mission accomplished sure la syiok. Makan is a happy thing. Anyone wana makan bergeda-geda? I wana belanja that evil KOW but she jual mahal. Busy la dia tu.

another busy day

Hi friends.

Im so surprised with myself that my blog is BLANK! I didn’t post up anything since last night. WOW!

I am so busy with stuffs in university. And yeah now is just second week.

Im officially busy from last Sunday, which means 2 days ago.

Ahaaha. Amboi I talk like a YB.

I just finished my meeting. Started from 9.30pm-2.30pm. again exactly 5 hours. All went back already. But im here still awake finishing stuffs.

Im working my ass out the whole day. Thank God there are good friends to help.

Im rajin d u noe. Haha. let me praise myself a bit la. cuz I am really becoming more hardworking. Seriously. I didn’t spend time on Facebooking. I didn’t sleep that much. I didn’t ponteng class.

And you know what? I didn’t even taken my bath yet since my class ended at 5.30pm. BUSY ma.. so busy to eat, bath, shit and sleep.

For the first time ever in my university life, I feel so BUSY n STRESS up. seriously.. im being so serious in what im doing now. im giving all out, putting all my efforts sweat and blood.

I slept so late. Wake up so early. Health will deteriorate a bit. But nvm la. it’s all worth it la. im enjoying every single moment of it. Im not whining or complaining. It’s just a sharing.

Right now my friend still helping me out. N we all have to wake up at 7am later. Crazeee! Before that many friends are helping as well. I feel so blessed, overwhelmed, grateful but at the same time I feel bad because I have to rouble them.

Tomorrow will be another busy day.

Just a small reminder la. for some people out there, please play fair and be gentleman la. don’t sabotage.

Monday, 7 June 2010

5 hours meeting

first time in my life n in UTAR, meeting for 5hours.



im so tired, hungry n sleepy after the brain cracking meeting.

good nigth world. im blur d. attta.


Sunday, 6 June 2010

Editing in Photography

DO you edit your photos or you use the original photos?

i have my own opinion on this issue.

More at

random thoughts

1.      Honesty is not always the best policy

2.      Don’t show off. Always be humble.

3.      3 most important phrases in life: thank you, I am sorry, I love you.

4.      Manfaatkan apa yang ada di depan mata. Jangan mengejar perkara yang belum tentu pasti jadi. Nanti yang dikejar tak dapat, yang ada di dalam tangan, terlepas tak pulang.

5.      It’s not easy to be a photojournalist. You have to always be alert and ready all the time. Special moment just happens for a second. Once you missed that one sparkling second, then you’ll lost the heart of the photo.

just a 2 cents

Honesty is good. But too straight forward is not good. It hurts. So think before we say. Words can bring someone up. It can kill someone too. Wrong speech can’t be repair. It’s too late to retract your statement after you said it.

YOU are quoted

"You are good people, but u a bit abnormal only."

~ Senior Kow Kwan Yee
~ 6/6/2010 12.55pm
~ via MSN

*i only quote someone if what they said are funny and meaningful.

i love my roomate


chill la. i know he's a guy but it's ok. i can still love him.

i noe la girl roomates are more loving, caring and understanding. they always have pillow talk la, hug each other la etc la.

guys also can what. i practise feminism ok.


im not gona hug or kiss my roomate la.

he's a nice guy la, since the 1st day staying with me.

yeala, im nice, of course he's nice.


serriously la he's a nice guy. he came back this morning. i was sleeping. That's why he didn't come in, he left his begs outside n went out. he scared if he opens the door, he'll wake me up.


n he brought me two bachang! bachang is glutinous rice wrapped in pandan leaves. tau ka? taktau sudah. Chinese will celebrate bachang festival this weekend. I wana go back but i can't la. i have BIG thing to do in university. hehe.

anyway i just cleaned my room. i think i love to do house cleaning. i cannot stay in a dirty room la! eeew! i did laundry etc. he helped me in clening our room.

ok i love my roomate. i'll take care of him. his gf can leave him for me when he's in Kampar. nyeh nyeh nyeh.

*evil smile*

songs from Autumn's Concerto

Hohoho it’s time to sleep.

I was about to sleep at 3am before I heard the song of Autumn’s Concerto from Pei Suang’s blog. I knew about the Taiwan drama during the last semester break. My siblings follow the drama in Astro. So I also watch lo. Icipang! 2 thumbs up for the drama. I love it. It’s a very loving love drama with ups n downs. If u haven’t watch it, go download.

Now I got all the songs n soundtracks from the drama. Thanks a lot to Banana Chuin Pei. Kamsiah. =p

My favourite songs are 'Qing Ren’ which means relative n another one is 我以為 'Wo Yi Wei' which means I thought.

Sorila people no hanyupinyin lyrics. I can’t find any in the web la. I can’t read Chinese anyway. So I don’t know which one is the lyrics. Hehe.

an advice for myself

Sometimes we regret of our decision. We feel we shouldn’t have made that decision. Normal la right. Regret already then what? It happened already what. U did what you think is the best at the time an incident happened. Definitely you cannot turn back the clock n go back to the past. No one to be blamed solely. It’s a two-way thingy.

I made mistakes. I am sorry.

I care for everything. But when you care, you response to it. When you response to it, you put your feelings n emotions into it. It might be a good or a bad thing.

Yea there are times I get emotional! DAMN! I hate it too. But it’s me la. okla.. I’ll try not to let my emotions to control me k. n I’ll try not to express it aggressively. Hehe.

So im telling myself.

Let go. Cincai. Dun berkira. It’s ok. Nevermind. Whatever. Leave it. Forget about it.  Relax. Chill. No problem. Okla. Lalalala. HAHAHA!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Model Shot (3)

Date: 28/5/2010
Time: 1.57pm
Venue: Armenian Street
Model: Jessica
Photographer: Oce

QUOTE of the day

Just because someone made mistake once, doesn't mean they are always wrong and they are bad. Everyone makes mistake.

meluat with hypocrite people

No more pictures la!

KANEH! EVERYTIME when you people dun need ur pics, u tok like lan! U tok like shit! When u people need ur pics, sweet talk here n there. bodek here n there. jilat here n there. PHORLAN up n down! u noe what! I had enough! This is the last time! No more next time!

Force this n that! U pay me is it?!! Huh?!! Everyday ask for pictures!! INGAT APA GUA HUTANG SAMA LU KA? Dun act like u r some big Ah Long! Show some respect n manners will u?!! DOn't simply scold scold, zz zzz or gime me whatsoever emotions, words, n face! MAU Jadi AH lOng kalau masuk lokap dulu la.


I meluat I bagitau u people! Makin u minta, makin aku tak nak bagi, makin aku benci kat hang! SUT TE NA YI! Pi blahhh la! dah ambik gambak, hang bukannya nak quote i or acknowledge i. lepas ambik buat harta sendiri. BODOH!

If you need me to help you take pictures, CAN! 3 conditions. First, the photos are for your assignment or any important events. Second, you must acknowledge me n no plagiarism. Third, DON’t FORCE n PUSH me!! one extra condition! If you don’t abide the first 3 conditions, u r not gona get your pictures unless u PAY me to satisfy me.

DAMN ah!! All this while I never charge u ppl. I NEVER! So dun make me like im ur slave. FUCuK u!

If u r my friend, i definitely will TAHAN not to scold u. I don't want.

If I dun give u also, I dun lose anything ok! tulan nia! Dun say im cocky or selfish. U guys ask urself. Have I ever say no when you ask me to help you in photography stuffs? Hang tepuk dada tak payah tanya selera. Tanya kepala hang tu! kepala manusia ke kepala batu! HYPOCRITE TAIK CIRIT!

Seriously dun make me CURSE u n SCREW u face to face. I don’t want. I have not been doing it for many years d. if im so angry till dat stage, I can assure you our friendship sure koyak! N I will definitely SCOLD till u cry or at least u say SORRY! Sara knows how I’ll look like when I explode.


I don't know why some of u have to behave like this. Be a human la. Even animals also better than you.

From today onwards, dun look for me to take ur pictures la if you are that kind of people that I can’t stand. Sorila. I wont change to be the one that u like so that u’ll take me as your photographer. It’s ok if u dun ask me to take pictures. Pi blahh jauh jauh find other photographers.


When people need you, they give you sweet. When people don’t need you, they give you SHIT. This is real world, real people.

* this post is a general post. im not aiming at anyone. but kalo kau terasa, hang punya pasai. not my BIG problem. siapa makan cabai, dia rasa pedas. kalau sakit hati, p jumpa doktor. kalau u tak syok, wa very syiok! lallalala!


Photo taken on 25/7/2009 8.30pm during Unesco Celebration in Penang.

Friday, 4 June 2010

baby cousin

wahahah. so cute la. he's the lastest member of Lee Family. He's the son of my uncle, the only son in my mum's family. i forgot his name d la. hehe.


Oh my gosh! Can online d. ush! Something is wrong with the computer, the network or the website la.

Since this morning, I can’t log in to Yahoo, Twitter and Blogspot. I was so desperate to use it.
Now I still can’t log in to Yahoo. I have important mails to send. After my roomate 'used' my laptop, all my password gone crazy. i have to reset everything.


Class at 8am today but I woke up 6.30am. I have been waking up at 6.30am for 8am classes. Good right? Haha. I scred I’ll be late ma. N I need time for breakfast n bathe. When I take my shower, I need time. I need to enjoy. Need to syok. I tell u har the things that I enjoy n syiok doing are sleeping, bathing, shitting n eating. That’s why I dun like it when people kacau me while im doing those activities.

During Feature Writing tutorial class, we were asked to write hard news. My friends were so creative. They used my name in their news. They said I burnt down my uni la, I killed someone la. luckily no sodomised or rape case.

I already came up with extra resolutions and to-do-list for this semester.  =p so when you are hav something in mind, you must do it lo no matter what.

Friends all balik kampung d. Roomate also balik. im alone tonight. You know im not a person who hold grudge lo i think. i forgive n forget easily. YEa i was angry with my roomate because he used my laptop without my permission. But im angry at him just for his action n not angry at him for who he is. Today, i rushed home from university to sent her to the bus-stop. Pity him ma. IF take taxi, have to spend rm6 u noe. He's is a nice guy. Seriously. Good manners. Soft-spoken. N i never heard any vulgar words from him.

I think im a good friend. i noe i shouldnt praise myself n syiok sendiri but i think this is a fact. Try ask around, whenever a friend ask for my help, i NEVER say no. I NEVER. i duno how to say it also. i even break the rules sometimes to help them. The common example, i fetch my friend from uni or to uniwithout helmet n i always kena from the guard. i feel bad everytime i reject them. at the end, i become so damn busy. when i can't deal with it, other friend will scold me why i never say no. haha. hmmm.. friends for me are like part of my life la. what more to expect form a friend from seeing them happy and smile?

QUOTE of the day

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

~ Henry Ford

masak-masak makan-makan

Finally after studying together for more than a year, me n my friends came together to cook our dinner. It was my idea la.. I kaypo ma. I and Tiffany went to Tesco yesterday n I bought a lot of food. So I told them I wana cook fried rice for them today. But Racheal, the demanding girl wants spaghetti wor. Kanasai.

Haha. so at the end all of them came n we cook our dinner together. The whole house was so bising with our voice. Everyone so kelam kabut. Everyone so busy. everyone jadi chef la I tell u.

We fought just bcoz our cooking style are different. Haha. at the end we had campurization on our food. Basically we prepared the food together la. But im the one who fried the rice n Rachael made the spaghetti sauce. SEDAP OK!

Best giler cooking with friends. Im the only guy there. haha. we helped each other, teased each other etc. I had lots of fun. It was really fun n funny la.

I won't forget this dinner because of one thing. We were eating in a condition as if we were so poor. We don't have enough plates and utensils. I used my plate to eat fried rice, spaghetti and soup. 3 in 1. and we shared fork! can u imagine that we pass around the fork for spaghetti.

At first only 5 of us, me, Tiffany, Rachael, Amirah n Sara. But after we finished our food, Vivien came. She brought us green apple. She wanted to peel the apples for us. Haha. nothing left. She ate the soup and float only lo.

Why homemade dinner tonight? Haha. I feel so semangat wana cook ma. I love cooking. N all of us only have one class today. So we can start cooking early-early lor. Besides I have been saying that I wana make fried rice for them like since last year. Hehehe. By cooking at home, we can save money and we can enjoy!

Thanks a lot for helping n cooking. We had fun right. I love u people. Always. We must always do this together. time flies very fast only ok.

Ok wana sleep now. too sleepy. It’s a very tiring day. Woke up early morning at 8am to cover news of Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Ali in uni followed by lecture, gym, cooking then meeting at night.



fried rice with sausages n eggs. i didn't steal telur this time.

the sauce of spaghetti with sausages inside n cheese on top. =p

the spaghetti

mushroom soup


float. amirah's coke n my ice-cream.

us: Amirah. Sara, me, Tiffany, Rachael, Vivien BBQ-ing marshmellow.