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Sunday, 20 June 2010

tiring but exciting

Good morning!

It feels so nice to wake up on Sunday, a day without class but weather in Kampar is killing everyone. I woke up then I was like ok fine, just stay awake la.

And now, im blogging. I have to abandon this blog for a while. =p

This week has been such a tiring and yet exciting one.

I woke up because my mum called me. I feel so happy to get her call. So long never talk to her. I feel better and stronger in whatever im going to do after listening to her voice. I miss home. When everyone balik kampung for father’s day, I’m stuck here in Kampar for campus election.

My mum called to tell me that my scene in a tv drama Age of Glory 2 in NTV7 will be aired tomorrow. it means I can c myself on TV tomorrow. haha. it’s a scene where I destroy a stall because im a triad member. =p

By the way tomorrow is the first day of campaining for campus election. Next week will be the last week of busy week. Then im free. Then I can put aside politics for a while until they announce the results. Then I can fully concentrate on my assignments and studies. =p

Yesterday me and my friends and helpers of Empower went to uni to past and stick our campaign materials. we started at 4.30pm n OT until 8pm. woah.. sticking n pasting are not an easy task.

Thanks for everyone who came n help out. Thanks. A big thanks from me n Empower.

Now I really feel how the politicians feel when they are in election.

Now I know what kind of questions the reporters will ask and how to answer them.

Now I know how bad is the system.

Now I know we can still make a change.

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