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Saturday, 17 July 2010

QUOTE of the day

Sometimes the most precious gift in the world is just a simple smile.

im home..

im back in Penang again for the second time this semester..


it feels so nice..

i feel like im having a long holidays. =p

i never had such a relaxing trip back to hometwon. usually i'll be very rush, tired and stress because have to carry a lot of things, rushing for the ferry etc.

but this time i came back with 12 seniors. they are here for their class trip. so balik with them lo..

we reached last night. then i brought them go makan.

Kwan Yee, Suzanne n Pei-Jing came to my house.

hahaha. my parents were like so shocked suddenly got visitors n 3 girls pulak tu.

okla got to go..

im back cuz have things to settle and do.

will be very busy n packed in Penang seriously.

how i wish i can just sleep and do nothing in Penang besides than watching TV.