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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

yang pergi takkan kembali

i found 1 touching story from my classmate's blog

the story is so sad.. u read n u comment la.

By the way,I have a short story to share which Saravani told me:
A man was polishing his new car while his 4-year-old child came by. She picked up a stone and scratched on the side of the car. In anger, the man hit his daughter's hand many times,he didn't realise he was using a wrench..
The child was sent to hospital then and lost all her finger. When she saw her father with the sorrow eyes, she asked her father: " Father, when will my finger grow back?"
The father was so hurt, he went back to his car and kicked it. He was thinking that he might not hit his daughter if the car isn't exist...
Suddenly he saw the line that his daughter scratched was written: Love You father
He was so shocked. The man was found commited suicide the next day...
Always see first and think twice before doing something...
You will find that you would never regret if doing this..
Do appreciate everything, everyone around us..

i sakit, ill, phua pneh, gering n sick today

ya ya ya! its me, OCE or CEO or "Oh, Chin Eng!!"

yea i kembali memblog. what's with this broken BM.

anyway im sure my frens gona got shocked and laughed till they drop into the drainnto find out that finally i post smtg on my blog.

sorry la b4 dis i was lazy.. i have a lot to say bt when it comes to writing it down, i tak larat. hopefully i can blog at least once a day.

hmmm.. anyway, today is not a good day.


cuz i suck-it! i mean SAKIT la!

aih.. i have EP Tutorial class at 9.30-11.30am. but i woke up at 10am. fine! den i rushed la to get ready bt suddenly my stomach was superman painful. and...i lausai! diarrhea. Quite a lot! Dark chocolate color u noe! Watery some more. cirit until backside oso pain.

So kenot go to sch lo. aih... den i terslept coz i was sooo strenghless. i woke up around 12pm. i planned to attend the next class wic is EP Lecture from 1-3pm. so i went to third floor to use the toilet. haha! but u noe wat?? b4 i enter the toilet, i kissed the mattress 1st. And...i terslept again. hahahha! i tel u..the pain was so so so teruk ok! i cant barely move.

i think i woke up at 1 something. so i bathed lo. i went back to my room at 2pm. i was like ok.. i missed two classes d. i still have one last class to attend, JR Tutorial from 3.30-5pm. i reali wana go cuz it's Miss Joethi! I don't want her to have bad perception on me. But my body was just too weak. i felt dizzy n muntah-muntah. i reali tak larat. dis is da worse cirit i've ever encountered. dahla cirit, tak larat pula tu, some more pening-pening lalat hitam and rasa loya. grrhhh... Sadly i missed 3classes today. No attendance lo!

me blogging??


testing testing 1 2 3!!


chin eng restarting his blog.