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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Happy Birthday Yeap Mei Li

First of all, happy birthday to my junior, Yeap Mei Li, who’s also doing her internship with me at NTV7.

It’s really a surprise unplanned birthday celebration for her.

I know she must be a bit, just a bit upset because she’s working on her birthday and she’s away from friends and family

To make her 21st birthday a not so bitter one, I pakat with Jing Wen to buy her a cake. While we were having our dinner at McD, I rushed and ran to the nearest cake shop and I found Secret Recipe. So I got her Chocolate Indulgence n she likes it. You can her smiling broadly in the photos. She really thought i went to shit ok. =p

Joining us in the innr and small cake-cutting ceremony were Oisin Tham and our colleague, Kah Yi i think. She's also an intern, but from USM la.

Thanks to the cik adik Secret Recipe yang baik give me 2 big and 3 small candles with a lighter. Jangan tersengih-sengih ya. Next time i go see you again if i need a cake. =p

It’s my 1st time celebrate a junior’s birthday. And it’s also my 1st time celebrate someone’s birthday in KL. Haha.

Happy birthday Yeap Mei Li. This post is a small present from me. =p