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Friday, 27 April 2012

tips for peaceful assemblies' participants


So I heard some people are going to Bersih 3.0 is it? Ooo very dangerous one you know? You never been there before? First time participate?

I pun dengar cakap ada 6 tempat berkumpul esok 1. P Seni, 2. Masjid Negara, 3. Masjid India, 4. Jalan Sultan, 5. KLCC, 6. Brickfields.7. Petaling Street. 8. Sogo.

Oh I see.. It’s ok, let me share share some tips with you.

Firstly before you so anything, pray sincerely and ask for blessing, if your intention is true.

You must eat first so that you have the energy to walk, run, shout and sit.

Always inform a people that you trust that you are going to the peaceful assembly.

MAKE SURE your hp got credit and battery so that you can make and receive calls.

Save the important numbers of lawyers or human rights NGOs in case you are caught! haha!

Never wear expensive watch, accessories or jewelleries.

Wear light and not loose undergarments. Shameful malu ooo if suddenly it fell off.

Chit chat and be friends with strangers.

Gel up your hair so that girls will look at you.

Girls please don’t put up thick make up, you’ll be sweating and you don’t want to look like….

Please put on perfume because your bau ketiak yang busuk can make people faint.

Bring some chewing gums or sweets along in case you are hungry.

Don’t you ever dirty the place. Carry your sampah home or throw it only into the dustbin!

Don’t walk alone, be in a group.

Please don’t curse or maki hamun people.

Study the map carefully so that you won’t be trapped in case FRU shoot teargas and water cannon.

NEVER EVER forget to bring salt.

Read the do’s and don’ts from the organizer.

Get the latest updates on the event.

Lastly, bring as little unuseful and unnecessarily things as you can la because it’s hard to run around with heavy beg.

Anyway I say only la. I’m not asking you to join ya. Anything, you don’t come and find me.

apa salah, apa takut?

DiBiKL Apalah salahnya beribu rakyat berbilang bangsa agama jantina umur destinasi dan taraf hidup ingin duduk di Dataran Merdeka yang agung ini dengan aman dan damai tanpa senjata sehingga kau melayan mereka bagaikan pengganas dengan menggari seluruh padang dan jalan-jalan yang berkaitan? Apakah yang anda takutkan?