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Sunday, 25 July 2010

stomach bursts

OUCH! Arrrghhh!

Sakit tak terkata. Aku tak tahan.. betul-betul tak tahan.

Now feel like puking pulak! Peningnya..

This is so damn irritating and disturbing. Im mentally challenged. I have to always tell myself that oh it’s not painful but it is actually so so much painful!

This entire week is so serious. maximum pain everyday and diarrhea everyday! Whatever I eat, I released.

I’ve tahan for so long. So so long. So many years.

The pain is so unbearable that I tear in my heart.

I hate it man! I hate it! Im sick of it! My friends are sick of it hearing me say I have stomachache! It’s so common already.

Sometimes I feel that’s the reason why im skinny! Whatever I eat, I shit! Yeala! I noe u oso shit but my case is different. I don’t only shit but something is so wrong with my stomach.

I don’t wana tell anyone about the pain cuz I dun want them to be worried or to feel annoyed. But the pain is just too much that I can’t keep it all by myself. nah, I don’t really tell my family..

See doctor, doctor say same thing, give same medicine. Eat already also the same la ok! grrhh! I can’t wait for semester break la. I wana stay in the hospital. Just x-ray me, operate me or whatsoever lah.

People if some day you don’t hear me saying I have stomach ache, means im in the hospital d lah… n if im in hosp, I dun tink I’ll tell my frens lo. Why must tell ah.. buat susah orang je. ish. Bukannya dah bagitau kalau aku boleh sembuh!

If I have to die cuz of stomach tumor, if I have some disease in my stomach, or if my digestion system is not ok, please give me some clue, please make me really painful till cannot do anything then I’ll call the ambulans to send me to the hospital.

Ambulans mali..


As a leader, everything you do will always be a BIG issue.


My favourite baby in Kampar. Problems all go away everytime you see him. so chubby. =p