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Thursday, 10 November 2011

stupid asshole driver

Some people are really stupid asshole. Drive car but no brain. The bigger the car, the brainless the driver is! What the fuck with my new housemate. Block the entire gate of the house and not even a person can walk through. This is not the first time ok. Almost everyday they block the entrance. Sometimes they block quarter of the road. There’s already a car in the parking area. They are lazy to find a place to park and they squeeze in their car. But it can never fit. Don’t drive if you don’t know how to park. Ciaksai! Lu mia bapak mia jalan ka? Lesen kopi ka? Le ma leh!

Make me so tulan!

At the end, i confront the driver. I said it straight to his face that his blocking the entire entrance. He said sorry and moved his car somewhere. 

The Great Women of our Time Awards 2011

Congratulations to NORA MURAT, the executive director of Amnesty International Malaysia, for winning The Great Women of our Time Awards 2011 under the category of Education and Public Service. It is an award honouring 18 outstanding women who are significant contributors in shaping the future of various fields and the lives of others. Nora will be receiving RM 5000 and she is giving the prize money to the Youth Network of Amnesty International Malaysia for their projects.

wau factor

I always take photographs of people and sometimes i send it to The Star.

But this time i was being photographed and i appeared in The Star newspaper.

It was the work of Jwen, the one that have complex mood swing but she's a nice friend la.. =p

Luck was on her side as it was her 1st time sending photo to The Star Thumbnails.

Maybe because i was inside. lalaalala!


I know I can do it. Yes I can. I’m not that bad. I just need to do it instead of wanting to do it! Seriously, if others can, why not me?