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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Model Shot (3)

Date: 28/5/2010
Time: 1.57pm
Venue: Armenian Street
Model: Jessica
Photographer: Oce

QUOTE of the day

Just because someone made mistake once, doesn't mean they are always wrong and they are bad. Everyone makes mistake.

meluat with hypocrite people

No more pictures la!

KANEH! EVERYTIME when you people dun need ur pics, u tok like lan! U tok like shit! When u people need ur pics, sweet talk here n there. bodek here n there. jilat here n there. PHORLAN up n down! u noe what! I had enough! This is the last time! No more next time!

Force this n that! U pay me is it?!! Huh?!! Everyday ask for pictures!! INGAT APA GUA HUTANG SAMA LU KA? Dun act like u r some big Ah Long! Show some respect n manners will u?!! DOn't simply scold scold, zz zzz or gime me whatsoever emotions, words, n face! MAU Jadi AH lOng kalau masuk lokap dulu la.


I meluat I bagitau u people! Makin u minta, makin aku tak nak bagi, makin aku benci kat hang! SUT TE NA YI! Pi blahhh la! dah ambik gambak, hang bukannya nak quote i or acknowledge i. lepas ambik buat harta sendiri. BODOH!

If you need me to help you take pictures, CAN! 3 conditions. First, the photos are for your assignment or any important events. Second, you must acknowledge me n no plagiarism. Third, DON’t FORCE n PUSH me!! one extra condition! If you don’t abide the first 3 conditions, u r not gona get your pictures unless u PAY me to satisfy me.

DAMN ah!! All this while I never charge u ppl. I NEVER! So dun make me like im ur slave. FUCuK u!

If u r my friend, i definitely will TAHAN not to scold u. I don't want.

If I dun give u also, I dun lose anything ok! tulan nia! Dun say im cocky or selfish. U guys ask urself. Have I ever say no when you ask me to help you in photography stuffs? Hang tepuk dada tak payah tanya selera. Tanya kepala hang tu! kepala manusia ke kepala batu! HYPOCRITE TAIK CIRIT!

Seriously dun make me CURSE u n SCREW u face to face. I don’t want. I have not been doing it for many years d. if im so angry till dat stage, I can assure you our friendship sure koyak! N I will definitely SCOLD till u cry or at least u say SORRY! Sara knows how I’ll look like when I explode.


I don't know why some of u have to behave like this. Be a human la. Even animals also better than you.

From today onwards, dun look for me to take ur pictures la if you are that kind of people that I can’t stand. Sorila. I wont change to be the one that u like so that u’ll take me as your photographer. It’s ok if u dun ask me to take pictures. Pi blahh jauh jauh find other photographers.


When people need you, they give you sweet. When people don’t need you, they give you SHIT. This is real world, real people.

* this post is a general post. im not aiming at anyone. but kalo kau terasa, hang punya pasai. not my BIG problem. siapa makan cabai, dia rasa pedas. kalau sakit hati, p jumpa doktor. kalau u tak syok, wa very syiok! lallalala!


Photo taken on 25/7/2009 8.30pm during Unesco Celebration in Penang.